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    As I broke out on an ILS approch to runway 30 at Kansas City Downtown this is the sight that greated me. I hope this is not how it really is.

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    If you think that's fun, fly an approach to MZBZ.

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    I think it is. Back in the 70's a good friend of mine worked at TWA but did maintenance for the local flight school in exchange for flight time.
    He took me up in the Cessna 150? I think. It was my first ever small airplane flight. He let me do some stuff and we did some Touch and Goes at a farm strip. Then the field called said snow was coming in so get back quick or find somewhere else.

    My overwhelming memory was making a hard turn round a tall chimney or structure with lights on, sideslipping down with my friend looking out the side window 'cos we had no wipers and the snow was coming pretty bad, lining up and a beutiful landing. We cleared the runway and all the airfield lights went out as they shut down.

    My friend was totally relaxed about it all, me I needed a stiff drink and new underwear.

    Heck your pic triggered some memories-real as it gets- darn right!

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