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Thread: FSX Seat height in Cockpit view.

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    Default FSX Seat height in Cockpit view.

    Has anyone had problems with raising the seat height in cocpkit view
    on FX10? (UsinG Shift Enter) I can adjust it in Virtual Cockpit view but not in Cockpit view. Any help?

    By the way the 2D Cockpit Transparency setting is cool but a bit too unrealistic for my tastes.

    I spent 3 hours tweaking today, changing screen resolution and logginf Frame rate ,changing scenery settings,traffic settings,display settings and I'm still mired in 7-11 frame rates during landing which makes my Sidewinder unreliable.

    I found changing the res settings had little effect.
    I am defragging now.

    I also moving my digital image files (11 gigs) to the other drive


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    Default RE: FSX Seat height in Cockpit view.

    Hi John,
    I guess most everybody who answers these basic questions has gotten tired of answering the same questions over and over. But us ol' folks sometime have a bit more time and patience...

    See page 10 of the Insider Information booklet that came with your Sim. It explains the difference: Shift+{enter} for the VC; Ctrl+Q for the 2D.

    FSX works differently. Things have changed. You should read the VIEWS section in the learning center (and all the rest of it). But now to answer the question:

    Shift+enter does move the viewpoint in the 2D cockpit. Sit on the runway and try it. You will get closer and further from the runway; unfortunately, you WILL NOT MOVE THE PANEL for a better view which is what you are trying to accomplish. So use the ctrl+Q and shift+ctrl+Q to TILT the view downward and upward. NOTE, this is not an incremental view but a slow "pan" type movement. You must hold the keys until you get the view you want.

    The kneeboard keys does not seem to list it; the control assignments does but confusingly, describing CTRL+Q as "View (always pan down)" - like that's meaningful!

    Anyway, now you know and eventually you will forget (or get used to) some of this wackiness <G>

    Oh, and by the way - some aircraft have several panels of differing heights just to take care of this "I can't see the runway" issue. The Cessna 172 does; I think the King Air did -- the others I'm less sure about. Press W to see the other forward 2D views in your preferred aircraft.

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you get thousands of hours of enjoyment from Flight Simulator - I certainly have.

    There is a learning curve -- consider that Windows comes on 1 CD. FSX comes on 2 DVDs. I'm still learning FS9 after several years of play and this beauty could take almost forever.

    Hooked since FS4... now flying:
    self-built i7-4790 at 4 GHz; GA-Z97X mobo; GTX 970; 8GB gskill; 840 EVO OS; 840 EVO game drive; Win 7/64
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