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Thread: Best Computer for FSX?

  1. Default Best Computer for FSX?

    I am sure there are better PCs out there. Here's mine...

    Dell XPS 700 Special Edition:

    1. Intel Core 2 Extreme x6800.
    2. 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM.
    3. Dual 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2, Dual GPU, Quad SLI.
    4. AGEIA PhysX physics accelerator.
    5. 24 inch Ultrasharp 2007FPW Widescreen Digital Flat Panel.
    6. Windows XP Media Edition (soon to become Vista).

    Locked at 20 FPS, and stays soild at 20 FPS, no matter what you do with the sliders. FSX is a monumental accomplishment. The phrase "as real as it gets" has neve been so close to being true.

    Captain X

  2. Default RE: Best Computer for FSX?

    If yours can do that why does everyone keep saying theres not a computer made today that can run FSX to its fullest?

  3. Default RE: Best Computer for FSX?

    Because their isn't a computer built today that can run flight simulator that the AVERAGE person can afford-the above rig is a $5000 computer, if home built. More if ordered from a store!!!

    I guess you don't know that 4gb of ram alone costs upwards of $400 right now..never mind the $1000 gpu system, $1000 processor, $300 physics card etc..

    My computer has difficulty pulling 20 fps with the sliders on low-mainly my GPU is a huge bottleneck. I have 2gb of ram lying on my desk that I will play with, but I think thats just going to improve load times and switching screens, not fps.

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    I am sure there are better PCs out there. Here's mine...

    Dell XPS 700 Special Edition

    I hope you and your computer are very happy! Really I would not be happy paying the sort of money that machine cost to get only 20 FPS.

    Best and Warm Regards
    Adrian Wainer

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    Stop playing..... you know your computer is the best anyone can find today.... I myself was thinking of getting exactly what you have.... but I thought I'd better wait a couple of month more to get a quad core and a DirectX 10 compatible card..... at that time you won't show off anymore........

  6. Default RE: Best Computer for FSX?

    Hi All,

    It was not my wish to show off (I am asking a question). My apologies if it looked that way. I just wanted to share and tell everyone that there is a PC currently available to run FSX. Yes, it is expensive (~6K), but if money is no object, then it is possible to get everything out of FSX that you want, right now.

    Also, I have locked the FPS at 20. When I "release" it, the FPS goes through the roof! I see no reason to work the CPU and GPU that hard, so lock it at 20 FPS.

    Lastly, as everyone knows, PCs get obsolete in just a matter of months, and if you are lucky after a year or so. Yes, indeed Quad Core is coming soon.

    This is Flight Sim Heaven! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Captain X

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    Default RE: Best Computer for FSX?

    20 fps...Wow, with a 5000$ computer that's only 250$ a fps, LOL

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    Default RE: Best Computer for FSX?

    I noticed that physics accelerator when I was looking at Alienware rigs, but I dismissed it because at the time I was only looking over the main specs (cpu, mobo, etc).
    I wonder just how much this helps in FS compared to "normal games", since the cpu has to process major physics in FS, basically recreating real world effects on an airctaft, i.e. wind, drag, thrust, gravity, etc.

    I think it just deal with physics like the way objects react in the environment (destructable objects, dust, smoke, etc).

    Also, does a game need to be designed to be used with PhysX in order for you to see the benefit?
    i5 2500k / Asrock P67 Extreme4 gen3 / 8800GTS 512 / 8GB DDR3 1600 / CM hyper 212 / antec 550W / ASUS 23" VH232H / Windows 7 - 64

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    Unless they write in support for the physics accelerator, it won't help at all. And to write in support for it is not easy. The latest Ghost Recon includes support for Ageia cards, but it can actually hurt performance as it starts trying to draw too many objects fort he video card to handle. If they only used it for flight modeling, it might help, but if they start trying to handle smoke effects, it might take performance the other way.


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    I wish people would read the post before making stupid comments. I said that the FPS is LOCKED (spelled L-O-C-K-E-D) at 20!!!! When I do unlimited FPS, I get well 50- to over 100.

    The bottom line of my post is that despite opinions expressed in this forum that FSX "sucks" and other such remarks from people who know nothing about CPU's and GPU's, FSC works like a dream on CURRENTLY AVAIALBLE HIGH END COMPUTERS. Why is this point so hard to understand?

    Sorry if I seem frustrated. My intentions are good, and I appreciate the comments.

    Captain X

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