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    Anyone know where I can find a tutorial on the 737-800 panel display windows?

    I have not been able to figure out the Localizer/Glide Slope indicators. The localizer indicator seems to be a single bar, and there is a small red line that points to the runway at an angle that might have something to do with the glide slope, I dunno.

    I have made good manual landings and used a flight video to replay the results, but can't make sense out of what the display is doing.

    I have not been able to make a successful automatic approach. When I try it, I always end up with a weaving pattern that is all over the sky and no automatic glide slope control. Waiting until the localizer bar moves to engage APR, as in past systems, does not seem to work.



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    To the left of the autopilot control there is a nob that switches the MFD to a regular HSI. I haven't landed the new 737 yet, but the glide scope indicator is probably there.

    I have my own question of about the 737-800: why are there no nav lights? It has landing lights, taxi and logo (which do nothing), and strobes and beacons, but no nav lights.

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    Thanks, you are right. There are several functions in that switch that I did not know about. When I saw that the Rotary MFD switch on the panel was a dummy, I gave up.

    As to the Nav Lights, they are on the airplane and you can turn them on with the lower case "L" on the keyboard. That used to turn on all lights though, including the panel lights at night, so you would not be able to fly at night with Nav lights and a dark cockpit, which I prefer. I don't know how the switch got lost.

    I had not checked out the Logo light. Maybe that's the source of the error.


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    Just an afterthought. Unless they have changed the way the panels are set up, it should be simple enough to "borrow" a panel light switch from another panel, and replace the "Logo" switch with it, using the panel.cfg file.


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    I have flown the 737 numerous times and the knob on the autopilot that sets the MFD to differant modes does not work. There is no glideslope or localizer info. I turn the knob and nothing happens. Can someone verify this?


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    That is correct, the knob you are talking about is not functional, it does not do anything.

    However, as JohnLethal pointed out (above) in the first answer to my post, there is a small knob in a sub-panel just to the left of the autopilot panel that changes the display. I haven't checked it out with a landing, but I think one mode it contains gives both the glideslope and localizer info.

    There is also a switch in that group that controls zoom of the in-flight map function. I believe it was only labeled + and -.


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    Press L to turn on all lights then Shift-L to turn off panel lights and Ctrl-L to turn off landing lights. Will that leave the nav lights on?

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    UGH! I'm not seing anything on the panel that activates a glide slope or localizer. Am I missing something?


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