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    I installed FSX last Tuesday and activated without any problem. Sunday I set a new restore point on my computer running Windows XP. Since then my FSX starts stating that there is an "activation problem", loads the program without telling you how to re-activate and closes FSX after 30 minutes. I never see a window which tells what to do (call or email to give my product number). This is the response from Microsoft:
    you can telephone an Activation Center and activate the product with the help of a customer service representative. Use the telephone number that is provided on your Activation Wizard screen to contact the Microsoft Activation Center.

    Am I speaking a foreign dialect here?? How can I get this phone number if I cannot access the Activation Wizard...
    I am ready to reinstall but of course nobody wants to give a straight answer to: How many reinstalls are allowed???

    Thanks for listening


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    According to the software license you can reinstall on your original computer as often as you like. But you can only transfer to a different computer once.

    In real life they may not be so restrictive, but really you are at Microsoft's whim and mercy.


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    THanks Ron

    I was so bothered by the response (or lack thereof) from Microsoft that I re installed FSX. Everything is fine. Thanks MS for messing up my first install...


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