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Thread: Yo, Slarty, again!

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    Default Yo, Slarty, again!

    ...I've got a small one this time...I promise...:-roll

    ...Anywho, for some odd reason, even though we installed Windows afterwards (COmputer crashed again recently)...our new HD is still recognized by Windows under the old one's name (The "Quantum Fireball")...why is that?

    ***Here's where we go off-topic, sorry!***

    ...In case you were wondering about the crash, yeah, the 'new' HD Compaq installed a few months ago after our old one crapped out ripped itself apart a few weeks ago. Should have been called the "Quantum Meatball". My theory is, since the problem was so similar to the last HD, that Compaq merely hit the old HD with a hammer a few times, re-formatted it, and put it back into our computer...we had enough of it, so we didn't bother with 'em. We just transferred our personal files to the 40 gig we had installed beforehand (lucky we did when we did), bought a new 20 gig, and ran QiuckRestore on the thang. It worked. I'm amazed. Now the only Compaq parts in our computer are the chassis and CD-ROM, which we only use when we're backing up CD's (We got an AMD mo-bo')...

    Sad part is, the 10 gig Compaq would have installed woul have been more expensive than the 20 gig we ended up buying anyway. Saved a lot of money and learned a bit about emergency computer surgury.

    Which means our system specs are now:

    Compaq Presario 7360 (Yay...?)
    AMD K-6 @ 533 MHz
    512 MB RAM
    Yamaha Light Speed 3 CD-RW
    Compaq generic CD-ROM which won't open all the way on it's own
    40 Gig Western Digital HD
    20 Gig Western Digital HD (....My HD...:-))
    17" SAM*TRON monitor
    3.5" Floppy drive
    Case...which is a b*tch to remove
    Some screws for the aforementioned case
    HP Deskjet 842V Printer
    Parallel port for the aforementioned printer
    Kick-@$$ Creative SURROUND SOUND (!) speakers...hey, I'm excited!
    Joystick...yeah, it's a crappy one...:-lol
    MAX PAYNE mousepad
    On/Off button
    File Cabinet
    USB ports...two!!!
    RCA Cable modem - won't settle for any less...!
    -Cable internet
    Windows 98SE...and it will remain that way UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!!!!
    FS2002 Pro
    Airfix Dogfighter
    FS98 (Hey...that used to be yours...:-)...I can't thank you enough, by the way...:-))
    Midtown Madness I and II
    The Sims
    -House Party Expansion Pack
    -Livin' Large Expansion Pack
    Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2...not as good as Photoshop, but I love it nonetheless....
    FSDS Pro
    Gmax - for when I'm done in FSDS pro...I export and animate...
    Max Payne (My dad's...not really my type of game)
    A butt-load of video game emulators (Most games are Sonic games for my Genesis emulator tho''s called Gens, by the way)
    A butt-load of mp3's...
    Encounter 2000 (Fully endorsed by me, it's the best freeware sound editor out there and the official sound editor of FFX - I can say that 'cos I'm the 'sound engineer'!)
    ...Ah, MSPaint...
    TexBmp2 by Chuck Dome. Indisensible.
    DXTBmp. Also insispensible when I'm re-formatting wothless 16 and 32 bit textures to 8 bit - when will painters learn?
    ...And a cooling fan for the modem from an Apple IIGS!!!!
    Oh, yeah, keyboard and mouse. Can't forget those.


    [font size=1]"...It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no millionaire's son

    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one..."[/font size]

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    Default RE: Yo, Slarty, again!

    Wow...posted this at 2 am last night, and it's already WAY back here...!


    [font size=1]"...It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no millionaire's son

    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one..."[/font size]

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