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    Unable to operate rear air stair with the command Shift-E+2 100-200). All other doors work as indicated. I tried using Shift-E +1,2,3,4), still this only opens the main door.

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    This is a known problem with flight simulator.

    It is a question of the right timing. Try Shift+E a break of half a second and then press 2. I know it is tricky but possible though ...

    Sorry I can't offer a better suggestion.
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    Ingo Voigt
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    Yeah, it works, it's just a matter of timing. You can always go into FS Assignments and remap that key assignment to something simpler if you continue to have problems with it.

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    Maybe a clickspot on the overhead or pedestal in the update could solve this issue...just a suggestion :-)

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    As it's an FS issue (i.e. it works fine all the time - as long as you time it right), it maybe better to change your FS key assignments, that way, whatever key stroke you give will work easier - and all FS add-ons.

    Paul Golding
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    I have found that to get the secondary doors, rear stairs etc to oprerate on a consistant basis 2 has to be assigned to a joystick button. In the case of the rear airstairs of the DF 727 I went into the contols assignments of FS9 and assigned the select item 2 keyboard 2 to a joystick button ( I have the CH Products yoke),and when I want to operate the rear air stairs of the 727 I hit shift + E on the keyboard and than hit the joystick buttton that I assigned for the 2. It works evey time....I also use it for the A36. In the case of the ATR I assigned Wingfold CTRL + 6 to a joystich button to get the cargo door to open on a consistant basis. It really works well!

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    There is a freeware guage which can be used - cx-cargodoor I think it's called. It works every time. Unfortunately, positioning the 'Open' icon is tricky, in that on whatever panel it is placed,it has the effect of distorting all the other guages. Still working on that !


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