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    I'm trying to install the groundhandling gauge into the DF 737 panel
    but it does not show up. No Icon or gauge. I followed Rob's instruction to the letter but it's a no go! I've installed it in other aircraft without problems. Does anyone know the coordinates
    for the Icon, what to put in the panel cfg. file and where to put it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Not even sure what this gauge does or even if it's compatible with the 734 panel. Have you contacted the author of the guage for support?

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    Hi Tod,
    Thanks for getting back to me so fast.The groundhandling gauge is
    by Rob Barendgret. It's a gauge which you can add to the panel of any FS2K and FS9 aircraft. It controls taxi speed and is a Pushback
    gauge all in one. It works great in the aircraft I've installed it in. The file is called and can be downloaded from I e-mailed Rob and he told me that he didn't own the DF737
    and for me to try and get help from this forum. You guys are the experts. Tonyc01 has a post on page 2. He added UK sounds to the Pushback. I have an e-mail out to him for help but I might have messed it up and he may not have gotten it. I'm just learning my way around this forum thing...anyway, Tony has instructions for the gauge but they didn't work either. I have got to be doing something wrong but I don't know what. Your thoughts?


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    I'm using the DF737 with Peter McLelands excellent merge for FS2004 and have also got the groundhandling gauge installed on my panel. Here are the relevant entries from my panel.cfg file, hope it helps.

    {Window Titles}


    gauge37=rcb_groundhandling!Icon_Pushback, 210,665,12,12

    size_mm=196,100 // The relative window size in pixels.
    ident=10005 // The ident used by Icon_Pushback.
    visible=0 // 0: hidden when aircraft is loaded.
    window_size= 0.3,0.2 // Window screen size: 30 % Hor., 20 % Vert.
    position=1 // 0: opens in top-left of screen.
    gauge00=rcb_groundhandling!XMLSoundSwitch, 0, 0, 50, 36
    gauge01=rcb_groundhandling!AutoTaxiAfterLanding, 50, 0, 48, 36
    gauge02=rcb_groundhandling!AutoTaxiAfterParkingbrake, 98, 0, 48, 36
    gauge03=rcb_groundhandling!ParkingBrakeSwitch, 146, 0, 50, 36
    gauge04=rcb_groundhandling!PushbackDisplay, 0, 36, 86, 64
    gauge05=rcb_groundhandling!TaxispeedFS2004, 86, 36, 60, 64 //NOTE-1
    //gauge05=rcb_groundhandling!TaxispeedFS2002, 86, 36, 60, 64 //NOTE-1
    //gauge05=rcb_groundhandling!TaxispeedNoBrakes, 86, 36, 60, 64 //NOTE-1
    gauge06=rcb_groundhandling!BrakePressure, 146, 36, 50, 64
    gauge07=rcb_groundhandling!PushbackStates, 0,0
    gauge09=rcb_groundhandling!BrakeSound, 0,0
    gauge10=rcb_sound!sound,0,0,,,9998 9999 95 // 95:Default overall sound volume


    I have removed all the other files in my current setup just for clarity so your Window number and the gauge number in the {Window00} in your panel.cfg file may well be different to mine.

    Don't forget to put the RC_Comm_Panel.bmp in your panel directory for your DF737

    As I said, this setup works fine for me using the DF737 merge and FS2004.

    Hope this helps,



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    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm getting ready to try your install.
    I'm new at all this cfg. stuff. Is the RC_Comm_Panel.bmp the same thing as the CAB. file, or is it something else? If it's something else, where do I find it?


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    Sorry to confuse you but I managed to confuse myself when writing my last response, forget anything to do with RC_Comm_Panel.bmp it relates to something totally different, I have too many modifications to my own panel sometimes to remember what they all do.

    If you read the "README rcbgh-32.txt" file in the zip file you downloaded with all the files in, it does have step by step instructions for adding the gauge to a panel.

    If things still don't work out then drop me another line on here and i'll go through things with you.

    Good luck,


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