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Thread: TCAS displays on 737 EHSI

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    Default TCAS displays on 737 EHSI

    Hi guys,

    I was just enjoying the ride from Shipol to Heathrow,
    as described in the FMC manual. After xing the channel,
    a bunch of aircraft from FS covered my EHSI. I could
    hardly see my waypoints! I knew the place where to turn
    off AI aircraft in FS98, does anyone know where to do that
    in 2002?
    Is there a switch to turn off the TCAS warnings manually?

    Thanks alot,


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    TCAS will only show targets if the map range is set to 40nms or lower...set your range above that to prevent them showing.


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    Default RE: TCAS displays on 737 EHSI


    As (almost) always, the Operations Manual has the answer. In this case, though, it's on page 4-1 of the 2002 update addendum:

    TCAS Operation

    1.0) General
    The TCAS provides conflict detection and displays intruders on the EHSI in MAP and CTR MAP modes in ranges 40nm or lower. It does not issue verbal commands to avert a conflict

    1.1) Modes
    Mode selection is via the altitude-reporting toggle switch on the transponder (upper left cornerof unit) or the hidden click spot on the EHSI, which is located in line with the upper rightcorner of the VCP, and is just above the click spot for EHSI range decrease.

    The TCAS has 3 modes:

    1) OFF - TCAS is disabled. This is the center position for the Transponder switch.
    2) RA/TA - reports both resolution advisories (RA) and traffic alerts (TA). This is switch position 1 on the Transponder.
    3) TA - reports traffic alerts only. All RAs are converted to TA. This is switch position 2 on the Transponder.

    In modes 2 and 3, proximate and other intruders are always reported. Mode status is displayed in green on the EHSI.

    If you want to turn off AI traffic altogther in FS2002, just move the traffic percentage slider fully left. I'm at work now, so I cannot tell you the exact menu hierarchy, but it should be easy enough to find.

    Best regards
    Henrik Dissing

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    Danke guys,

    the transponder switch worked fine.

    v1 :-)

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