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    I think the thread "DF737 Autopilot Unable to Hold Glideslope in FS2002" initiated by Flamdar must have been locked by mistake.

    Contrary to what the subject line indicates, it was not about "the unmentionable glide scope issue."

    If I can read English, it was about a problem holding or intercepting the localizer, probably caused by some kind of pilot error, that I think Flamdar could use some help with.

    Best regards
    Henrik Dissing

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    I think you may be correct. The title was unfortunate. It was a horizontal issue not a vertical one. :) Maybe Flamdar can begin again, with a "slightly" different title?

    You out there Flamdar?


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    Well, the glideslope has both a horizontal and vertical component :-)

    [a href=""][/a]

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    Please continue the discussion on the other thread, that is how we would like it.

    We have enough threads to keep track of here as it is, and adding this one does not help us any, that is why I am locking this one also.

    Thank you for your understanding. :-)

    Lou Betti

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