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    Last week at the Puyallup fairgrounds in Washington, there was an air expo. Microsoft had a booth there with 4 screens so people could try fs2002. I had a chance to talk with Hal Bryan, the software test lead for the simulations product unit, and he mentioned the up and comming SDK soon to be relased. (no, he did not give me a date.) but.........

    He did say it will contain info on how to create your own voice in ATC. he mentioned it takes 5000 lines of text.

    They watch these forums, and get excited as we do at new stuff.. they are simmers too. Hal said he cant wait to see how long it will take for someone to record all 5000 lines and upload it..

    It was nice to meet the team, and see how their eyes light up at the cool stuff the 3rd party developers create.

    And Yes.... I did give em a resume... what a dream job... doing your hobby for pay. looking foward to being a beta tester for upcoming sims, and someday maybe joining the team.

    (Btw the ATC controller who says "Cessna Caravan,1 mile at 9 o clock, report him in site" so nice, is no longer is on the team...Oh Well.. at least Hal told me her name.....Bob L
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    When you say 5000 lines of text, I presume you mean that you have to record 5000 separate words or phrases. I'm surprised its not more. You would have to record the name of every airport serviced by ATC, airlines, etc. What a tedious task. Too bad computer generated speech wasn't more refined.

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    Man I hope that they give some info on Gmax in that thing. I'm tired of guessing! By the way, if you Microsoft dudes are checking out the forun here, then check out . Lotta fun there!
    John F.

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    I think the biggest thing we are waiting for is to be able to add our own AI planes (any plane) oh and to be able to request different altitudes and declare emergencys and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on :-)

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    And how to create scenery using FS-2002 instead of the ways we used to do scenery in previous versions.

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    you can add any plane with traffic ttools. but the limitations of airports with ILS's still exist. and yep no emergencys yet. bob L
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