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Thread: Out of control taxi speed!!!

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    rykowski Guest

    Default Out of control taxi speed!!!

    I'm having a problem with keeping the taxi speed at a reasonable level with the King Air and Grand Caravan. I have the fuel condition lever set to low idle, but as soon as I get rolling, I can put the throttle in idle, and the plane gradually keeps building speed. I have to keep hitting the brake in order to keep the planes under control. I'm not having any problems with the other planes at all. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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    Simon Evans Guest

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    You're not using the default flight models are you..?

    Throw 'em on the fire and get Steve Small's:

    or Rob Youngs:

    Simon Evans

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    Default RE: Out of control taxi speed!!!

    check in the tip section by clicking on the banner. There is quite a bit in there about your problem.

    Check thru the others, also. Very good info in there.


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