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Thread: Lost key file

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    I don't know who to email or turn to, so this is as good a place as any.

    I have lost my key file because of having to reinstall FS2002, and need a replacement or a way to unlock my DF file. You can look in your records and see that I have purchased it around the middle of July 2002.

    Brendan Ratchford.

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    oh wait... I found the form on the FlightOne site.

    Sorry to make such a fuss!


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    You call that a fuss?

    We wish all fusses were like that!

    BTW, getting a replacement key is explained at the DreamFleet FAQ forum.

    If you have any further problems getting the key, post back here.:-)

    Lou Betti

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    I just finished a big sociology paper. I can't tell anymore where my shampoo is to go take a shower, let alone the difference between fuss and muss of hair.

    :) :) :)


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