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Thread: biased against Archer

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    sehender1 Guest

    Default biased against Archer

    Ok. First, some disclosure. I think Dreamfleet rocks and as a simmer I am ever grateful for those with the skill, patience, knowledge and werewithal to create fabulous products for folks (like me) who could not do for themselves.

    But... I haven't got the Archer yet, for a simple reason that may seem silly. The plane doesn't have retractable gear!
    Since I was a kid, I always loved planes with retractable gear and couldn't stand to even see the ones with gear down flying!

    I know how much time Dreamfleet put into this product, and the pictures I've seen of the virtual cockpit make me want to get my hands on it quite badly.

    But I can't get my mind around that hanging gear!

    I've never flown for real, so maybe there's some great joy in these planes I don't know about.

    Anyone care to change my mind?

    (BTW, kudos to Dreamfleet for yet another successful release. even if i don't buy the archer, i'll be all over whatever your next release is!)

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    Default RE: biased against Archer

    >But... I haven't got the Archer
    >yet, for a simple reason
    >that may seem silly. The
    >plane doesn't have retractable gear!

    Must not be too silly, because that's the reason I went from the real life Archer to the Arrow! But this Dreamfleet Archer does bring back a lot of nostalgic memories & it's worth every penney. Besides, my present plane I'm completing (RV6A) has permanent gear with the training wheel up front! Same engine as the Archer, but a lot lighter & much faster!


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    Default RE: biased against Archer

    Of course, retractable gear is "sexy", and does provide for extra speed. In real life it also costs more to maintain, and your insurance will be higher with it.

    The Arrow is a nice plane, but you know me, having had the choice between the Arrow and something else, we saved money by having fixed gear, and passed up the Arrow and 180 for the 235!

    Now, I had near-Arrow speed (135kts), less maintenance / insurance costs, and could carry an easy 300-400 pounds more than the Arrow / Archer. With a -235 you could fill the tanks, and put (4)170 pound adults in the plane, 200 lbs max. baggage, and off you go, still 100 pounds under gross!

    The -235 was and is the only SEL in its category that could carry it's own empty weight in useful load.

    Lou Betti

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    Default RE: biased against Archer

    If you met a lovely person with brown hair would you say no way I will only have dinner with folks with black hair and what if that person with brown hair was the chief instructor at the French Culinary Instutute would you say not me beans and hot dogs
    ain't even going to try perfection...I appreciate your point but did you solo in a 737 or 747 or are you like the rest of us who
    remember that remarkable day...most likely light single and something you will never forget...FS is not solo ...solo is solo
    and it is only you who decide on the spot live or die up to me there is no reload flight...unless you land ALL BY YOURSELF IN THE REAL WORLD. Archer is a great solo for solo sake and a great
    memory for solo.


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    Default RE: biased against Archer

    Maybe you can just delete the textures for the gear, then they will still work but you won't be able to see them and this will allow you to enjoy the rest of the plane without interfering with your psychosis.

    Just kidding buddy, we love ya.

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    Default RE: biased against Archer

    ...Of course, retractable gear is "sexy"...

    Retractable gear and the entire F-104C Airframe, my opinion...

    Then there'z females...:-lol...:-lol


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    Default RE: biased against Archer

    Anybody remember the Cessna Wasn't the brightest idea to put retracts on the Skyhawk. Not at least untill they put a bigger engine in it.
    There is a lot of argument over straight leg vs folding. If you got the money to burn go for it, but boy is that an expensive sound if you forget to lower it and go slidng along the pavement.
    The wheel pants on the Pipers are kinda neat looking. Royal pain in the butt to preflight and fill the tires, but sexy looking. Cessnas get stepped on too often when they aren't supposed to.

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