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Thread: Hangars and List of Library objects

  1. Default Hangars and List of Library objects

    I'm hoping that I don't have to make my own hangars. I'm sure it would be fun if I had the time, but I don't. But in looking around, I haven't found any hangar objects.

    So in looking around to see if I can find FS's hangars so I can use those, I found the list of objects in the SGX folder. But when I tried to place some of the hangars that I found in the list, nothing came up. Now, given that they are not in the list of objects within SGX, I was already prepared for the fact they may not work. What I did to try and use them was to create a 3D object and put the name in the "Object name" field (i.e. inf_hangar_smallc), and the corresponding number in the "Object ID" field (i.e. 684f00504e472517552822a9e7212664).

    So I've got two questions.

    1. Does anybody have any standard hangars they would be willing tto share that will work in SGX? I am looking for a standard T hangar with 4 hangars on each side, peaked roof, and a large Hangar building with peaked roof and door under the gable.

    2. What is the significance of the list of objects in the SGX directory. Are the objects within it usable? If so, how?

    Thank you,


  2. Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    Yes, time 'flies when you're having fun'. I'm old and retired but still don't have the time it takes to master this FS scenery stuff.

    Sooner or later we'll have them or some kind soul will upload what you're looking for in the hangar department.

    That list of objects you mention appears to me to be a sort of 'catch all' list of library objects that simmers have came up with that contains objects from FS9 and the older sims and even the CFS sims. Most of them will not work using SceneGenX's XML code
    but will work fine using a SCASM macro to call them. Also, many of them are limited to certain world geo areas as presently coded. All the objects listed as "ag_****" objects are XML usable but they're already in the SceneGenX list of availlable objects.

    I notice some of them like the Pitcarin, Wittman, Pioneer, Pieten(pol), and Ryan hangars and various tent sets are MS macros from their Oshkosh add-on. They can easily be used using a SCASM installer macro and using Airport For windows to place them in scenery.

    Here's a picture of some of the Oshkosh Tents in that list of objects you mentioned. They were placed with a SCASM macro using AFW to locate them between the main hangar and the small control tower in the picture.

    So stay 'tuned' -- things will open up.


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    Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    The Library Objects Spreadsheet is lacking thousands of library objects MS made and are hiding in various scenery *.bgls. I decompiled several NAME\Scenery OB9Name*.bgls and found quite a few objects not listed in the Library Objects Spreadsheet. I also found many Advanced Buildings for the airport I am redoing. Since I am a lazy lout, I didn't want to redesign these buildings but have the ability to move them to a new location.

    Within FS2004, basic airport design data are in the APxxxx.bgl, objects for that airport may be in several files, NVxxxx.bgl, OB9xxxx.bgl. If you want to redo an airport with the least amount of redesign, you would need to decompile, search, cut and paste the sections you want for your project, then import them into your file.

    Most airports have the runways in the correct location but all other objects, and ground items loosely located, it is easy to import the airport, then move the objects to the correct location in SGX.

    W. Sieffert

  4. Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    Well that sounds cool to me, but how do I do that efficiently?

    What is the significance of the NV* and OB9* files. Do OB9 files contain XML coded objects? As I understand it, I need to use XML objects with SGX. There are certainly many API's out there for AFW, but seems silly to have done all this work and now dump it and go to AFW and start over.

    But as I said, I tried to use the objects I found in the list in the SGX program directory, but when I placed them in SGX and compiled, nothing appeared in FS9. Now, perhaps it has to do with the objects I created. For example, this is a code fragment

    lat = "42.78139042294"
    lon = "-71.512749008894"
    alt = "0.0"
    altitudeIsAgl = "TRUE"
    pitch = "0.0"
    bank = "0.0"
    heading = "0.0"
    imageComplexity = "SPARSE">
    name = "a37f9b904eb059befa290a885557e509" scale = "1.0"/>

    So how do I decompile the files you mentioned into XML code that is usable? How do I view what I have decompiled so I can pick and choose what I want? Do I just place everything in a scenery, or is there a tool that will view XML code directly?



  5. Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    Re:>"As I understand it, I need to use XML objects with SGX. There are certainly many API's out there for AFW, but seems silly to have done all this work and now dump it and go to AFW and start over."<

    The above 'grim' statement is only partially true. At this stage you don't need to dump anything. It's true you must use XML coded objects when designing with SceneGenX, because it's made to use only the bglcomp.exe compiler and the bglcomp.xsd interpreter from MS's latest scenery SDK. However, at least for now in FS9, we are not restricted to using only XML coded listings to compile to .bgl scenery files. For now, AFW can still be used but with some limitations as mentioned below.

    Most AFW produced SCASM coded and compiled listings will still work in FS9 -- except for the functionality of "Airport and Navaids Facility" data.

    FS9 is still backwards compatible with most SCASM coded (AFW) objects but M$ has stated that the backwards compatibility may not be maintained in future releases of FS. This -- and the need to be "AI Compliant is the reason most designers are trying to do all their work possible using XML code (AFCAD 2 & SceneGenX) --- but in FS9 we can still use both AFW and SGX to write .bgls. FS9 doesn't care who wrote the .bgl as long as it can interpret the file into active scenery. When [b(and if)[/b] MS ceases backwards compatibility, then and only then, AFW will be dead. Of course, most of us hope that MS will maintain backwards compatibility in future releases, but it's their's to do whatever they wish with.

    As you've noticed, some of the XML routines in the latest Scenery SDK ie for slant roofed buildings (for one example) are apparently flawed.

    In most cases ie except for FS9 'airport and traffic facility' data, FS9 is still backwards compatible to SCASM coded listings. Therefore, as mentioned, one can still use AFW to place many scenery objects that are 'pre-FS2004' vintage; including library objects like the Oshkosh Tent group I pictured. 'Matter of fact, older library objects coded in SCASM and/or BGLC requires that the SCASM compiler be used to place them therefore AFW can indeed still be to use such older objects. All one needs to do is to route either and both SGX and AFW produced .bgl files to the active scenery directory in FS9 for your project. This is easily controlled in each programs' set-up functions.

    So by all means, dont "dump" your older AFW API's (or your newer XML creations). They're both still usable in FS9 -- except for Facility Data coded with SCASM or BGLC. FS9 has continued and improved-on it's AI traffic system and that system uses 'Facility Data'. So if you want a project you're working-on to be "AI Compliant", you should use XML code (SGX) to produce the runways, taxiways, Navaids, etc.

    Regarding the listing you posted -- it "looks" like XML code but only because it was written by SGX's operating system based on your inputting a GUID and an object name. One could input any fictitious name and GUID and SGX would still faithfully try and write code for whatever was inputted --- but it wouldn't work.

    For such objects, one needs to know the format it was saved-in ie, is it a circa FS8 gmax produced .mdl file (needs SCASM to produce an API macro to place it as a library object) -- or ??? So successful use of any such object is contingent upon the format that made it into a library object and whether or not that library exists in FS9. Also, as mentioned, some library objects are geo-location sensitive -- so we must really know the "history" of an object to be able to seek-out the necessary info to be able to use it properly in a scenery project.

    I don't do much de-compiling of default scenery but I've experimented in doing it and using 'NewBGLAnalyze' by Orthmann, it's not hard to do. The program produces an XML listing from which sections of code can be examined for purpose of experimentation and/or sections can be extracted which, when augmented with a proper XML compliant 'header' and 'footer' can be made into usable XML macros. This is a 'sensitive' issue because it might be misused resulting in copyright infringement.

    Is this fun stuff or what? :-)


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    Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    the list of objects in the text file in the SGX directory is used for the import of XML files, in order to give a name to a GUID. It is a comprehensive list. The list of objects within SceneGenX is brought up by pressing the Select Object button on the scenery object dialog. This list has some hangars in it. This list with SceneGenX is intended to be the most generic list of objects in the default scenery, and should show. The other list may include objects in special scenery that depending on your installation may not be there.


  7. Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for responding. My knowledge of XML and the ramifications of things is quite small. I have searched the list of objects within SGX and I do not see any hangars. I am looking under the list of 3D objects. Should I look somewhere else? There does not seem to be an option to choose a hangar in the standard buildings. I have found some hangar textures there, but none of them seem to be corrugated metal or the style of hangar I am looking for. I am mainly looking for T-hangars as seen in the default KASH scenery, and some standard corrugated ridge roof door on the front large hangars (~35m x 35m).

    As noted above, when I have included a hangar object from the list in the file as noted above, nothing appears in my scenery. I have tried 22 different objects that are not listed in SGX but are listed in the object list file.

    I do not know what I am doing wrong. It's probably just something stupid.

    Please help.



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    Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    Hi Thomas,

    You will find the KASH hangars, either as Library Objects or Advanced Buildings in the following files in the drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Scenery\Name\Scenery:

    NV9NAME0.BGL - navigation objects, i.e., VOR, NDB, etc.
    OB9NAME0.BGL thru OB9NAME4.BGL - buildings etc.

    What I did for KORL was to decompile these files, search for the correct LAT/LON (I know it tedious but you will gain a lot of incite of how MS placed the objects and it will save you in the long run on redesigning the buildings.) for the airport. I found each airport objects to be packed together in sections. Find the top of the section then move to the bottom of the section, cut and paste to a new Notepad file. Save the file as KASHBuildings.xml, then import the file as an addition to your KASH file.

    What you will find is if your airport is more exact than default, then all you have to do is select and drag the buildings to the correct location.

    W. Sieffert

  9. Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    In a previous post, I mentioned that when I read in an XML file I had decompiled of the runways and taxiways of KASH, that the taxiways and aprons had flipped. In studying what has happened upon import of these buildings, it occurs to me why (doh!). As mentioned above (and as I mentioned previously), when SGX is reading the input file, the Longitude is flipping from W71 to E71. Wahlah!


  10. Default RE: Hangars and List of Library objects

    Upon inspection, here is the XML fragment of the building I would like to use (for now) for my T-Hangars.

    <SceneryObject lat="42 46.67443" lon="-71 30.66815" alt="0.00"
    altitudeIsAgl="TRUE" pitch="0.00" bank="0.00" heading="299.75"
    <GenericBuilding scale="1.00" bottomTexture="94"
    roofTexture="37" topTexture="67" windowTexture="89" >
    textureIndexGableZ="64" />

    You'll notice that, as I believe I noticed somebody else asking a similar question, the textures named here are not available in the list of 3D Building textures in SGX.

    Is there a way to enter a texture number that is not in SGX's list?
    Is there a facility for user objects in SGX yet?
    Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of pictures of available textures for 3d buildings anywhere?

    Will I have to hand edit the XML if I want to create what I want through SGX till these issues are addressed?



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