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Thread: Display of macro outline corrupted

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    Default Display of macro outline corrupted

    Hello all,

    Here is a pic of how a 3D object I placed in Airport 2.60 build 139 looks like:

    This macro is a long rectangular airport terminal but as you can see, Airport displays it all tangled up... I created this macro with NOVA... How can I have Airport diplay the macro just as the way the object looks like so I may be able to place other objects net to it correctly? Thanks in advance!



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    It's a NOVA macro thing.
    My Griffith Park Observatory displays in Airport by showing just the rotunda. Another object, a huge office complex, displays as just a small rectangle, probably from one of my columns near the entrance. I do not know how Airport reads the macro or decides what to show on the layout.

    My EOD objects display in Airport as rectangles encompassing the area that the object utilizes.

    Nova objects display as wireframe macros in 3D with FS Architect.
    I've had some funky textures being applied in Architect but it's not a program that I'm using right now.

    Don't worry though, the end result works, as for positioning, I'm afraid it's still the painful task of Starting FS200x and viewing the scenery from there.

    What I do is slew my little van to the particular area I'm working on then save the flight making sure to check the 'Default Flight' box so that every time I start the sim up, I'm already at my particular object that I'm working on.

    It's very frustrating in that it takes such a long time in terms of positioning or the correct application of textures, since Nova does not have the fantastic bitmap magnification that EOD does where you can actually see the row of pixels that will run at the edge of your object. Also Nova displays the bitmap in what looks like 16 colors, which is crappy considering they ask for money.


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    Default RE: Display of macro outline corrupted

    As IHor mentioned mentioned it has to do with complex macros from NOVA. I sent a question to the airport support group regarding this issue and Tom explained to me that it's the rudimentary drawing routine in airport that causes the weird shapes. If you only have one of these objects it's not worth messing with, I on the other had about 60 items ( mostly the same terminal walkways) that I had to place so my work around was this. I opened the object list from the icon on the top of the screen, the scrolled down to api's. When you click on the offending api a screen should open and you will see a small preview box with x,y x,y coordinates under it. This is drawing that airport came up with. You can modify these coordinates to reflect the correct shape, it does not affect the shape itself only the way it's portrayed in airport. The points define a line were the first x,y is the start of a line and the 2nd x,y is the end. I know this sounds confusing but I hope it helps.


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