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Thread: 2.60 for Fs2002?

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    Automaticwings Guest

    Default 2.60 for Fs2002?

    To Tom and all.

    I am wondering if airport 2.60 will be compatible with Fs2002.

    Tom will there soon be an upgrade with a FS2002 button?

    I believe there are some new textures in 2002, and will need to be calling up the textures from the new sim. Instead of Fs2000 textures to work with the new sim.

    I haven't done any work on upgrading my sceneries yet, trying to read, and learn some new techniques. However my old sceneries work quite well in Fs2002, and would not need much work to make them FS2002 compatible, Need to learn how to make the Fs2002 water work in the 2.60 created lakes.

    Lot of new stuff for all of us to learn, but the sim itself is just great.

    Robert Palmer

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    pit Guest

    Default RE: 2.60 for Fs2002?

    Hi all,
    there is a new kind of scenery (photorealistic areas) in 2k2 called "NYC area". Look at Manhatten and O'Hare.

    It seems, that are actual mesh scenerys and no textures. And I think there is the big future.

    Is there somebody who knows more about NYC?


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    I don't expect to be able to put in FS2002 specific features until next year sometime. There are some FS2000 things left to finish, and there are internal changes that need to be made if the program is going to continue to evolve.

    Besides all that, I don't know what changes are necessary. Without a SDK from MS, it may be awhile to sort out the new systems.


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    MS is being a slow poke, they need to put out some kind of patch, and put out the SDK I really want to get my base airport into FS 2K2.
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    WeBad Guest

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    Hi Peter
    I've been moving from forum to forum looking for information on the new technique for adding ground scenery and effects into FS2002. It seems we still have allot to learn because the SDK is not produced yet however some very talented people have discovered using the FS2000 "Terrain SDK" tools for the process.

    It's pretty new to me and I wouldn't know how to explain it very well at this point. Here's link to Andrew McLean's post at the Avism scenery design forum which will show much clearer than I could.

    Also, you might want to download a document by Christain Stock that also explains allot of other features that come with this new technique for FS2002 and CFS2 scenery designing. The file name is

    Hope this helps

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    IHLMI Guest

    Default RE: 2.60 for Fs2002?

    Works great.


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