Welcome Aboard, and Thank you for taking an interest in Independence Virtual Air! We hope that you will take some time to fill out a Pilot Application and join the Flyi Family which is located at our web site at www.flyindyair.com. Even though the real Independence air is no longer in operation, we at Independence Virtual will continue their day to day services with our fleet of Airbus A319's, CRJ-200's, Boeing 737's, and 777's to all of our destinations across the United States. We also have expanded the operation, adding 2 more domestic hubs, and have added service to 4 cities internationally, with a Cargo Division, and LC/RF* Commuter Division beginning operation very soon.

We've Redesigned our site a bit, and feel we have made it much better for you, our valued pilots. Included in the redesign is a fully featured PIREP system. This will allow you to file your PIREPs and view your updated stats immediately. Also it allows you to browse for a flight by either Airport, or Aircraft. We hope this will make things even easier and more convenient for everyone, although we will still have some growing pains as we get all of the bugs worked out. If you have any problems please email the webmaster, David Lockner, [email protected], or head over to our forums, located at our site, and explain your problem in detail.

We hope you will head over to the site and check things out, we value our pilots above all at Independence Virtual Air. Have a great Day!


Andrew Bishop
Independence Virtual Air