Yes it's that time again: Time for the MARA mission for July. Remember, MARA missions are now open to everyone!


July 2005 – Milk Run

0900 – Aircraft VH-KZO DHC6 Twin Otter – Weather: Cold Fronts. A customer has ordered a crate of special cheese from the King Island Dairy. Fly down to King Island (YKII), pick up the cheese and bring it back. Cold fronts are closing in so it’s likely to be a bumpy ride. Try and get back in time for Fred to do the daily circuit. Don’t eat any of the cheese.

You need to set this mission up manually. Select VH-KZO (available from or an equivalent Twin Otter aircraft, and make a VFR flight plan from Melbourne International (YMML) to King Island (YKII) at 3000 ft. Move the plane to the departure airport. Set the local time to 0900. Select a weather theme of cold fronts and go fly. You’ll need to make a second flight plan on the way back. .

These scenery packages will make your experience more rewarding: - Ian Thatcher’s Tasmania scenery package - Lighthouses of Victoria - Tasmanian Ports and Lighthouses - Bass Straight Oilrigs

Alternative: On the way back from King Island divert to a scenic location and take a pretty photo for me. I’m planning a photo article for a forthcoming edition of The Virtual Traveller, the MARA inflight magazine. I want photographs of lighthouses, oilrigs, and other things of equivalent scenic value. You’ll need the above scenery files to provide scenic objects – it’s up to you to navigate there and take the photo to prove it. You’ll need a screenshot utility like RapidShot to take the photos. You may use internal or external views. Photos may be processed, re-sized, filtered, enhanced, rotated, cropped, sliced, diced and re-contextualized, but not folded, bent, spindled or mutilated. One photo per pilot, send them to me by email. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into unless it’s funnier that way. King Island Dairy King Island King Island Lilydale Airport – Favorite Flights: King Island