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    Hi, I just want to tell all of you about a forum I made that will let VA's have many different posting options then FS-Network. It's called FS-Forum's. I am telling all of you because you might be able to double your web traffic, or double your pilot county by advertising at another Forum also. If you would like the site, go to

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    Hmmm... Closed already...... :-roll
    J.C. Howell
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    Commercial Pilot ASEL - Instrument Rated
    Air Traffic Controller - Anchorage

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    You should always double check your URLs before posting a message....You left the 's' out of forums.... is the correct URL

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    Sorry about that I just realized it to....i cam to post the new one....If you want the direct link it is We are looking for more members everyday so if you guys wanna join that would be great....who knows, we could get big and you could be a moderator!

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