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Thread: Where to Buy rotary encoder

  1. Default Where to Buy rotary encoder

    Can you guys help me with a direct link to where I can buy Rotary encoder using credit card ?

    Maybe an online store etc..

    Please don't direct me to manufactures because they only accept bulk orders...

    Thank you very-very much.

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    agnetha Guest

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    Try Radio shack or Tandy they are .com type places in the UK it would be Maplin

    dont know about other parts of the world.


    P.S. are you making the FSBus stuff.

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    Ok, thanks :)

    No, I'm building my own hardware using printerport.
    The circuit is simple to built, just built them and plug it to PC, no PIC ICs programming required.
    It can handle 80 input switches (160 optional), upto 64 digits (7-segments) outoput or 256 bits individual (lamps etc) outputs.
    I use VB6.

    here's the diagram, but you can draw your own schematic using the data sheets (but at least you know a little about TTL ICs or digital circuit :) )

    And a little bug fix :
    Use pull up resistors (5 resistors) on the switch matix.

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    deltaflight Guest

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    Is 80 switches going to be enough though? In our overhead alone there are 57 lighted & functional push button switches, 58 lighted functional annunciator lamps, 24 functional rotary knobs, 5 functional toggle switches, a fully functional IRS unit, and a fully functional fuel panel.

    Are you planning a GA simulator? In that case it would probably be more than sufficient.

    Good luck,


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    I'm building a generic (b737 like) cockpit.

    But remember that not all the functions/switches is being simulated by Fs2002 unless you use Project magenta, but in this case (Proj. Magenta) you will use different PC anyway (and a Hagstrom keyboard encoder for inputs) right ? :)

    But if I run out of switch inputs than adding the second 74154 (see picture above that there's an empty 4 bits o switch matrix section) will make total input switch to 160 !

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    deltaflight Guest

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    Well actually no on the Hagstrom. The only exception is the CDU PC which we do use the Hagstrom KE-72. For all switch and button pulses done on client PC's (Magenta), they are routed to Epic on the server by means of WideFS which communicates with Pete Dowson's Epicinfo.dll. A much better and efficient way of doing it.

    However, if the Hagstrom is the way you wish to go and it works for you, then by all means do it. There are different ways to accomplishing the same task. Some just offer more options than others. And there is always the expense issue as well. I'll be the first to admit that Epic is not cheap.

    Have a good one,


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