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Thread: Running X-plane Without CD

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    scand Guest

    Default Running X-plane Without CD

    Is there any way of running the program without using the CD?
    I have the CD but my problem is that I have to use an external DVD Player which I can't keep hooked up permanently and all slots are used in the main PC; the other PC has a DVD RW but lacks the proper Video card and memory to run X-plane.

    Any help would be greatly appreciateed.



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    toddrf Guest

    Default RE: Running X-plane Without CD

    I asked Austin about this and the way x-plane is configured he tells me that even he cannot run the program without the disk.

    Wish it were otherwise but sadly no....

    Todd :)

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    clayrb Guest

    Default RE: Running X-plane Without CD

    That's not exactly true as there is a source where you can download a program that allows you to run X-Plane without the CD.

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    Default RE: Running X-plane Without CD

    I run x-plane without a disk. It can be done and it's not all that hard to do. Just check around and you should find a way to do it.

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    Default RE: Running X-plane Without CD


    You're asking about CD's, but I'm just about certain that X-Plane comes only on DVD's! Here is an easy and cheap solution: Purchase a used DVD-rom drive for a few dollars. I haven't priced used DVD rom drives however I only paid $3.50 for a used 52X Liteon cd-rom drive, and earlier paid $1.00 each for two other like new cd-rom drives. Look for a used DVD-rom drive, they are probably no more than $10. I don't have a DVD RW drive yet, only two CDRW's and one DVD-rom, however I think that burner drives are valuable so I use them as little as possible and use rom drives as workhorses. For FS9 I used my DVD-rom drive like a workhorse and keep my 4th FS9 disk in my DVD-rom drive.

    Don't download "cracks" to circumvent the X-Plane security disk, it's illegal. And the people at X-Plane are extremely nice people, it is not too much to expect that you keep their disk in your optical drive to remain in compliance with their security measures. That is a better system in my opinion than the complex activation programming in FSX. You wouldn't want that would you?

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    it is possible, I did it
    just make a disk image and boot up the image each time you start your computer.

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    I have 2 legal copies of X-Plane (one distribution is from, and the other is from, but the DVD drive on my laptop (primary computer) is flakey and occasionally hangs my computer, so I thought I'd try this out .

    Creating and ISO and mounting it worked like a charm. X-Plane started up without that 10 minute warning, and faster than before. .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny_Canuck View Post
    Creating and ISO and mounting it worked like a charm. X-Plane started up without that 10 minute warning, and faster than before. .
    I've made an .iso but don't know how to mount it. I use PCLinuxOS.
    Thanks for any help.
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    I use MagicDisc for WIN XP but I don't know if it works with PCLinuxOS. Regards, Bob.

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    Goto the DAEMON website and download and install the DAEMON Tools Lite

    Here is the link to their website.

    Then all you need to do is mount a iso file in DAEMON Tools Lite.

    Works fine

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