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Thread: how to "uninstall" xplane 7

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    i just purchased v.7 and loaded it. because it takes up so much hard drive space (4GB+), i had to put it on my second hard drive (D:). anyhow, my desktop runs from the C: i don't see xplane 7 in the list of programs i'm able to "uninstall" by way of the "add/remove programs" prompt (start/settings/control panel/add&remove programs). is there a way of accessing and running "uninstall" on the D: drive in the event i wish to flush xplane7? i don't have a ton of computer experience and was just wondering about this.


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    X-plane does not install to your windows machine. (I believe this is because it's developed and programed on Macs). The program stands alone in its folder on your hard drive and operates within that folder. Unlike most programs that run in Windows, you can move the folder anywhere as long as you move all the files together. It won't show up in your list of programs because it doesn't need to register with Windows to run. To uninstall it, just delete it. Or, if you want to move it, just cut the entire X-system folder and paste it somewhere else. Update any shortcuts you have created to the .exe program file and you'll be all set.
    Hope this helps.

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    as i mentioned in my original post, i loaded xplane v.7. i also purchased xplane 5.54 for a few bucks off ebay...which i loaded onto my primary C: drive (because it wasn't as large as v.7). anyhow, the version 5.54 xplane DOES APPEAR in my 'add/remove software' options (because C: drives my desktop?). go figure?

    by the way, i've had a couple of files appear that i don't think were originally part of the unzipped xplane. these files have appeared in both versions. they are: X-plane.out, Error.out and Data.out. what are these?

    version 5.54 has error.out and xplane.out.

    version 7 has error.out, xplane.out and also data.out.

    i believe the ones in 5.54 appeared after i created a shortcut to the desktop. but i have not made a desktop shortcut for v.7, so don't know why they appeared in it's folder. please enlighten me!


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    He's correct. X-Plane 7 does not create any registry entries, does not create an entry in "Add/Remove programs" and does not copy any files to the system folder. If you want to "uninstall" X-Plane 7, all you have to do it delete the folder. It's possible earlier versions of X-Plane created entries in Add/Remove programs.

    The .out files are data output files that X-Plane creates as you fly. They are actually normal text files and you can open them in Wordpad if you want to see what's in them. I don't know if it's possible to force X-Plane to not create them, but it's not a big deal, the files are very small.

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