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Thread: Upgrade from 5.52 to 5.6

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    henning Guest

    Default Upgrade from 5.52 to 5.6

    I just bought the CD Version 5.52 of X-plane in a shop and like to update it to the latest Version. How can I avoid to download 60 mb !!!! Is there a smaller patch or a possibility to patch it up step by step? Thanx for anybodx who can help me.

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    johnreynolds Guest

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    as I understand it you have three choices.

    1. Download it (preferably over night if you have a 56k or slower.
    2. Employ a good friend with fast connection who can download in about 40 minuites
    3. Check the site and pay the small fee and have it sent on a CD. Note you will need the version 5.xx original CD to use the upgrade.

    Hope this helps


    John (wings) Reynolds

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    doncam Guest

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    PC Pilot magazine has the upgrade (v5.56) on its July/August coverdisk. If you can get this mag where you are, it's a cheap way of getting the upgrade.


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    henning Guest

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    Hello x-plane users,
    thank You all for the tips; now Iīve got a Update CD from someone. The new version is nice (new clouds, new B777/747 cockpits etc.), the only problem is, that when I exit the programme, it sometimes forces my windows display settings to 800*600 -- but my default setting is 1024!Thatīs a little unconfortable. Also the MS Speech engine version 4.0 is not supported by the programme, it may nesessary to load down the latest version 5.0 !? (also a huge download, several mbīs).

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    barriemyers Guest

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    Check the x-plane website and buy for $10 from Guy <[email protected]>

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