The Aircraft Carrier John Stennis reports that radar and satellite reports are showing a massive thunderstorm ahead on its course. The ship is already encountering some adverse weather with significant intensification expected over the next several hours. Weather satellite measurements indicate that the storm is nearly 600 nautical miles in diameter. The Captain has already ordered all aircraft and other vehicles stored below deck.

A satellite image from over the North Atlantic now shows that a remarkable weather system has indeed formed during recent hours with the Stennis making entry into the storm later tonight. All aircraft and commercial and military ships have been ordered to steer clear of the storm area.

UPDATE 0430 GMT ---> Stennis has entered the storm and has provided the following pictures.

UPDATE 0630 GMT ---> There has been no contact with the Stennis for two hours. Its present location is unknown.

UPDATE 1300 GMT ---> The Aircraft Carrier John Stennis has just confirmed that it has reached its ordered position. The Captain reports that the ship passed through incredibly violent thunderstorms for more than ten hours during the night, pushing its structural limits to the maximum. The ship now appears to be in the eye of the storm, with clear weather all around it. It is on high alert and all personnel have been restricted from the main deck until 2200 GMT today. The ship cannot be seen on radar or by using satellite imaging; further radio contact has been suspended until that time.