Day 4 Wednesday, June 7

Hello to All,

Well, the forecasts were correct. We have had hours of rain and higher seas for much of today. Things have calmed down a lot now. Here are a few pictures taken during the day.

Our 30 degree turn toward the south yesterday helped a lot. We had a few seasick passengers, but avoided a lot more high waves and storm intensity. I hope that clears out the bad weather from here on in and sets up a great day tomorrow at the Titanic site.

Got a couple of screenshots in the email today from our departure from Southampton. Paolo and Carl sent almost identical pictures so both get the credit for this one.

Bobby sent me several shots too. I think this is the best one of the group. Nice job, Bobby.

We have some great lectures and photo exhibits planned for tomorrow’s visit to the Titanic site. Right now, I am heading for Illuminations, our full scale planetarium. Here, you can take a virtual ride into outer space, view the stars and other visual spectacles or take a course on celestial navigation. It also functions as a grand cinema, a 500-seat lecture hall and even a broadcasting studio. We’ll be doing most of our Titanic presentations here.

We have decided to make another course change. The cheerleaders want to see Martha’s Vineyard. (Actually, they wanted to dock in Boston first and then go to Martha’s Vineyard, but even I have some limits. I am starting to feel a bit like a cab driver.)

So after we leave the Titanic site tomorrow afternoon, we’ll head for Edgartown Harbor on the northeast side of Martha’s Vineyard. We should arrive early Saturday morning and we’ll be there until sometime Sunday morning. We’ll drop anchor about a mile offshore and use our onboard jetfoils to shuttle folks back and forth.

Some of you may want to fly to Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday to join the cheerleaders and other passengers in seeing the sights. You can stay overnight aboard the ship and then fly on to New York at your leisure on Sunday morning. We are scheduled to dock in New York City at 4:00 pm local time (2000 GMT) on Sunday afternoon.

I’ll post a map of the island as part of Friday’s report with information on where we will be and the airport facilities that are available.

Looks like a late night for me. More will be on the Forum tomorrow. Have a great evening.