Hi All,

I had some problems uploading the Alaska ATC images to the forum and found the address had changed. This note from Darrell Robson, the Forum Moderator at the Screenshot Forum provides the new addy.

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes/upgrading taking place lately. This has affected the procedure for uploading screenshots when posting with any text between images. Now, to upload and include text explaining the image, you must use this URL.

https://www.flightsim.com/dcforum/User_files/copy/paste the uploaded image name here.

The old link: http://www.flightsimnetwork.com/dcfo...iles/imagename will no longer work.

Hope this helps.


There is a tutorial at the top of the Screenshot Forum that provides some great information about uploading screenies to the forums. Take a look and try your hand at it if you have not shared your screenshots before.

Please note the maximum size is 100 kilobites. The maximum image size is 800 x 600 with 700 x 525 preferred.

A great tool in Windows XP for adjusting the size of an image can be downloaded from the Microsoft site at the following link:


It's called Image Resizer and it places the resize command on the right mouse button menu in Windows Explorer. Simply point to a file or highlight a group of files, hit the right mouse button, and resize them all at the same time.