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Thread: FSX Mitsubishi F-2B

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    Default FSX Mitsubishi F-2B


    It is the one-shot of the model that our team is producing now.
    We aim at the release of the model for exclusive use of a thing of FS9 and FSX.

    Team FS KBT

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    Default RE: FSX Mitsubishi F-2B

    wow that looks like an F16!!


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    Default RE: FSX Mitsubishi F-2B

    Cool liking plane!

    From what I read , it's basically the design for the F-16 Agile Falcon which was a late 1980's plan for an larger F-16
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    Default RE: FSX Mitsubishi F-2B

    Looks fantastic Hiroaki! Will there be a "Blue Impulse" livery included?

    I would love your KBT team to design a Shin Meiwa PS-1 Amphibian.

    Mike ;-)

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    Default RE: FSX Mitsubishi F-2B

    Looks great, looking forward to seeing more of it. :)

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    Default RE: FSX Mitsubishi F-2B

    An airplane for Blue Impulse was reduced because this F2 was a too expensive airplane (12,000,000,000 yen). Therefore a coloring of Blue Impulse doesn't exist.

    I want to leave it to imagination of re-painter.


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    any news on that project by any chance?
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    Very nice.

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    wow. i want it

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    You know i just downloaded the this aircraft from simviation, the aircraft is great but the alt and speed autopilot doesn't work.
    Is their something I'm doing wrong or, is this a feature that you haven't developed yet?
    What can i do about this?

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