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Thread: Piper PA23 Apache

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    Default Piper PA23 Apache

    Very sweet ride!!

    Piper PA23 Apache
    The origins of the PA-23 Apache 150 (one of the first widely available GA twins and Piper's first "Indian") lie in the early postwar Twin Stinson design. This rugged easy to fly twin survives today and has been used over the years to train many pilots in multi engined aircraft. To honor the tradition of small farm strips scattered throughout our country we present your own dairy farm set in 1950s Minnesota! There is a sloping dirt strip complete with mud puddle so you can splash water on your take offs, if like most of us you're still a kid at heart.;o) The winters in Minnesota are not for the feint of heart and the included flights will give you a chance to experience them first hand!
    The scenery setting is close to Lake Superior where your float version of the Apache is based. You can brave the cold November winds to rescue a stranded ferry or take a leisurely flight around the lake to see the Fall colors! By Lynn and Bill Lyons.

    Comments are welcome as always!

    Take care,


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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    Great shots Cliff ! :D
    Florian alias PHCO

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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    great pics of this plane! I haven't tried this in many months so I think I will later.

    (You can add people with the spoiler command in most of these planes)
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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    Excellent shots of that Piper twin Cliff! Nice little intro also. :)

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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    Yeaah, just got mine today, great little bird!!!! have you turned off the props and put on the brakes??? nice little suprise!!

    anyway, :9 amazing shots my friend!!! hope all is well there!!! :D

    take care,

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    Wonderful shots Cliff - if you hit the "/" key while flying the pilot and pax will appear. Love this bird - my Dad owned an Aztec which was an Improvement and modernised version of the Apache that we flew in the Bahamas quite often - some real shots for your viewing pleasure. :-)

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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    Sweet shots and a kewl airplane!!
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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    It´s a bull-piper.., very powerful - like her!


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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    Mucho thanks Florian for your time to have a look and for the nize comment!!! You have made my day!!!

    Take care,


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    Default RE: Piper PA23 Apache

    Nice shots Cliff, a very nice plane. ;)

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