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Thread: The Cat's Claw

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    Default The Cat's Claw

    Did this one about a week or so ago. This is my first completely from scratch edit; basically started out as a blank canvas.
    Enjoy! :-)

    Best regards,

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    wow, now that is a cat's claw. great work Spitfire22, keep up the good work.

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    nice tomcat!

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    Default RE: The Cat's Claw

    Fantastic, Vincent.


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    Mojo2000 Guest

    Default RE: The Cat's Claw

    IMHO, "from scratch" and "edit" are paradoxical. :) What were your source materials?

    A great shot, in any event.

    SIGLINE: "Stealth is where it's not." :D

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    [font face="BankGothic Md BT"]I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! Vin THAT IS AWESOME!! (lots of :-eek's) Definitely your best so far! Please tell me you hav it in a bigger size so it can go in my screen saver! :D

    Take care,[/font]

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    Thanks everyone, glad you liked it!
    Bill, check your email. ;-)

    To expand on why this is a scratch-made photo and not simply and edit:
    -sky is a gradient fill on a blank canvas.
    -clouds are 3 different photos mixed together for desired look.
    -F-14 from FS9, color, brightness, contrast adjusted.
    -Missile cut out from F-14's pylon (4th middle fin added too); pylon replaced/drawn in
    -Fire and smoke hand-painted.
    -Mild aetherize filter


    Best regards,

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    Very impressive Vincent, topnotch!!

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    Default RE: The Cat's Claw

    I am blown away Vincent! Can't wait to see your Hellcat edit. Well done Buddy!:9 :-)

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    Default RE: The Cat's Claw

    [font color="blue" size="2" face="Tahoma MS"] Good work again Vinvent. I love the sky and the clouds, and the Tomcat looks great against it. Well done. :-)


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