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Thread: Torque gage irregularities...

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    Karm Guest

    Default Torque gage irregularities...

    Hi all,
    I run into this problem every now and then and have been unable to figure it out. I'm hoping someone here has an easy answer :>) ANYway, if you go here, you'll see what I'm talking about; the old picture is worth a thousand words trick. Notice the torque gauge and fuel flow on the right engine. What have I done/not done to make the torque settings equal? The majority of the time they match, however, as I mentioned above, I'll get different readings (and an annoying different sound) every once in a while. Any suggestions?


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    seba55 Guest

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    Check the throttle quadrant. If all the left/right levers are in the same position, you've got a software problem. Reload the plane while in flight.

    Otherwise, consider 'engine sync' while cruising. Can't think of anything else...


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    Karm Guest

    Default RE: Torque gage irregularities...

    Hey Seba,
    Throttle quadrant looks fine; it's the first thing I checked (while flying) I'll try reloading the KingAir next time I fly and see what the deal is. Thanks for your reply. Any others gleefully accepted.


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