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Thread: FS Navigator and FS2002 ATC

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    Default FS Navigator and FS2002 ATC

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had figured out a good way to make FS Navigator Flight plans work well with the ATC in FS2002. Since you can't change the flight plans after beginning the flight, how can you fly the SID for the runway you're given for departure? (Without having the actual SID chart in front if you)
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    You can't. FS ATC is not sophisticated enough to instruct SIDS and STARS. Yet.
    The best you can hope for is fightplan airport-to-airport NOT runway-to-runway using FSNav and then listen for the vectors from ATC. They will get you to the runway centreline extension, most of the time, unless a ruddy great mountain gets in the way.

    I suspect the SDK is going to be required to solve this little conundrum.

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    I have heard that if you choose to fly a SID or STAR, FS2002 ATC won't ding you for it. Fly it the way it should be flown, and they'll stand idly by and let you. That's my understanding, anyway.

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