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    [font color="#081f6f" size="2" face="tahoma"]Hi there folks..

    Not been around here much recently, been recovering from my first operation.. Now i have to another one to complete the surgery, and reconstruction of my knee.. but the waiting list, because its a specialist operation, is a tad long .. 8 months plus.

    Anyway.. Heres the aircraft, used in these shots, aviliable from the file library.

    And for the rest of the shots.. im trying to figure how out how to stop the compression in paint shop pro 8 .. i can see some on the clouds in the some of the shots.[/font]

    [font color="#FF0000" size="2" face="tahoma"]Regards,[/font]

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    [font color="navy" size="2" face="Microsoft Sans Serif"]
    [center]:-eek.. those are intense!!! very nice lighting and angles...!


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    Very Nice!!!
    Hair loss, Memory loss and Money loss have been linked to the
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    GORGEOUS shots and paint Lew!!! hope you are doing well!!! :D

    take care,

    "Im not sayin that ima change the world,
    but i guarantee that i will spark the brain
    that will change the world." -2pac
    Take Care,

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    Looks great!

    My name is Erick Westbrook-Cantu. I used to make flightsim addons. I may or may not endorse this message. I do, however, fully endorse Marshall amplifiers, Gibson guitars, and Tama drums.
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    awesome-like the second one.

    Jonathan G.
    CanUk Scenery

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    [font color="#081f6f" size="2" face="tahoma"]Im just peachy, waiting for my next op, plenty of simming time!

    thanks for the comments guys :)[/font]

    [font color="#FF0000" size="2" face="tahoma"]Regards,[/font]

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