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    She looks great!...good work:D



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    good good!

    we want bare metal! we want bare metal!

    by the way, bare metal doesn't end with 737-CGs, if you still want to "BARE-METILIZE" something, you may keep on bare-metilizing MelJet 777-300, Posky 757-200 with RB.211 original (not too-bare but kind of dim-bare) which used "old-school" classic RB engine casing/cowling (posky has this model), the casing like that on Tristars and 742s/3s... What else you could bossible bare-metilize... hmmmm.... I don't know, so far enough of bare-metalization to do :)

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    Me thinks you have some "bare" issues :). Just kidding. The bare metal really is challenging, I will finish her up and upload. Still some minor imperfections to fix up. Did upload the 400 today.

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    ...but you wanted a comment, didn't you? :)
    ok so what do you say in regard to MJ's 777-300 in original bare-bare-metal house liv. ?

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    Yes you are right I did want a comment :)
    See my post" Flight at dusk"for some more screenies. I will think about the 777. Did one for 2002 but never uploaded it.

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    looking at the 400 model as we speak, this is nice, yet we're little off with it... I thought there's too much reflection, but there's something else wrong, it is too bright. The real one is rather darker or what...

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    Yep you are probably right,compared to my 500 repaint it does look a bit to bright. Do you think I should "update" and upload as an update?? If people like it the way it is I will not bother.

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    Looking very good :D


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    Almost done. Any comments???

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