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    TxTaildragger Guest

    Default Approach Plates

    Would anybody happen to know where I can find some good (Preferably free) approach plates. While FS2002 ATC is a huge help in glideslope approaches, localizer only approaches are near impossible without the plate. I have one for Houston Southwest airport, and it really works. Any info would be appreciated.

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    eagle013 Guest

    Default RE: Approach Plates has all the charts you'll ever want for the US. Havn't found one for other nations yet.


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    Default RE: Approach Plates has approach plates, SID and STAR document as well. Mainly for US, however...
    You can also try various VATSIM partner VACC sites. For example for Turkey ;-) is for UK airports.
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    A book containing a whole region is only three or four bucks at a pilot shop. I'm not sure what they do with the outdated ones, maybe you can get an even better deal on them. After all, FS is frozen in time as of the approximate release date.

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    A lot of FBOs will give you the outdated ones, if you aren't going to use them for real-world navigation. But the current ones (NOS, not Jeppesen) are cheap.

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    Thanks to all. The scans from echoflight and the Non Jep. plates at pilot shops are a helluva lot better than the 30 bucks Jeppesen wants for online non-approved plates. By the way, very, very nice Super Cub. I will own one someday.

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