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Thread: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

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    dan0808 Guest

    Default Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?


    New to the forum and I'm totally at a loss on how to complete the commercial pilot checkride in MS Flight Sim 2002. I've tried it at least 20 times now and I keep getting failed by Mr. Perfect instructor. Since the instructor never tells me where exactly I'm messing up I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I follow the flight plan like the tips tell me to at....

    but like I said I keep getting failed. My latest attempt (failure) the instructor told me "checkride failed. good job maintaining airspeed, good job maintaining heading, eight or less deviations from heading tolerances". What the heck does that mean?

    Anyway is this checkride impossible or am I just missing something? Getting *really* tired of getting failure results without the instructer telling me where or at what point in the checkride I'm missing.

    Thanks a ton for any help, about ready to give up on this one....

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    Frederf Guest

    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    The same thing happened to me personnaly.

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    markburton Guest

    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    I have done this check ride successfully a couple of times without any problems. I thought it was easier than the Instrument check ride. Cannot tell what you did wrong.

    There is a good briefing at:

    Personally, I would put down the gear as well as flaps 1 on slowing to 90, and I would continue the Approach down the ILS at this speed (the briefing recommends running the approach at 70 - no disadvantage except it takes longer). You need a slightly higher rate of descent - at 90 it should be 450 fpm.

    The required chart is not included on the FS2k2 CD - you don't really need it, but if you want you can get it from:

    Best wishes,

    Mark Burton

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    Orlando, FL, USA.

    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    Click on the tips icon at the top or bottom of this page for help in this area.

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    dan0808 Guest

    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    Thanks for the help guys. I tried following the guides you listed but I still keep getting failed. Since I have no idea *where* in the flight I'm messing up there's really no way I can see myself passing this one. How are you supposed to learn when you don't know where or at what point you're messing up? Wish there was a way to import a successful flight plan/map or watch a saved fight of someone who flew this checkride successfully.

    I give up, to me at least this checkride is impossible. :(

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    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    Come on pal, don't give up yet.
    Have a look at the FS2002 tips link at the bottom of the page here.
    The flightsimvets club has a good explanation of how to workaround the 'bugs' in the checkrides. His advice has helped many pass the tests.

    But whatever you do , don't give up. You say to yorself..."I can pass", lol you will. So have a look, and good luck my friend!
    Gary Rabbitt :)

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    injscisteve Guest

    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    It's been awhile, but you should pass if you stay within 4 or less deviations on all requirements.

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    dan0808 Guest

    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    >tips link at the bottom
    >of the page here.
    >The flightsimvets club has a good
    >explanation of how to workaround
    >the 'bugs' in the checkrides.
    >His advice has helped many
    >pass the tests.
    >But whatever you do , don't
    >give up. You say to
    >yorself..."I can pass", lol you
    >will. So have a look,
    >and good luck my friend!
    >Gary Rabbitt :)

    Hey thanks for the encouragement. I guess I'll try it again. Maybe I'm missing something but I checked the tips section and I can't find any tip on the commercial pilot checkride one. I can find tips on some of the other checkrides but not the CP checkride. I'll check again though.

    >It's been awhile, but you should
    >pass if you stay within
    >4 or less deviations on
    >all requirements.

    I haven't been paying too much attention lately cause I'm so used to failing that I've stopped listening to what the instructor says after he fails me but I think I have noticed him failing me and giving me a warning that I had 4 or less deviations from altitude. He *always* gives me a warning about deviating from heading tolerances. I'll have to pay more attention to how many deviation warnings I get after I land.

    Ah well back to the fun.. :(

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    MLV Guest

    Default RE: Commercial pilot checkride. Impossible?

    From my point of view, and in my Flight Simulator, its impossible to pass the commrecial pilot checkride. I have to say that I fly pretty well, and I am a real world pilot but there is no way that I can pass the checkride. I have exactly your same problem.

    I even had one friend of mine just watching the altimeter and heading indicators so I would not deviate more than 50 ft from the assigned altitude, and I did, made a perfect ILS landing to no avail.

    I have looked everywhere and I just cant see what is wrong with my checkride.

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    when you take off put up compas&gps keep gear down 20 flap turn left 135 when neddle centers turn165right next ins. turn right310 when neddle centers turn north take it down glide slop keep it slow Mr Perfect will give you your document good lock rewright

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