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    okay what the hell is happening i am descending to manchester and i know that i am landing on 6L so i get the ILS frequencey for that runway and put it in the NAV1 radio then i got the mancheseter VOR frequency and put it in the NAV2 .
    why the f%@# are my glideslope and localizer not showing when i was 10NM from the airport?

    F#%$, screwed up my whole god ##### flight!

    can someone please help me?

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    Where you navigating with a flight plan and have the NAV/GPS to the GPS position? If so, you are coming to fltsim hell }> since you didn't switch back to NAV to allow the instrument to guide you to airport heaven:-) . Further, since you didn't do the above, you probably didn't know when to set the APPR button either and the aircraft flew on the NAV button!!!

    Signed Satan, the Dark Angel

    PS: I would have answered but the Devil beat me to it!! He's got an AMD XP 1900+ and I am stuck with a measly P-4 1900!! GOD!!

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-24-02 AT 01:37PM (EDT)[/font][p]Praise oh SATAN !!!

    thou tellest liketh it iseth...

    Yeah Verily....... unto the darkness he drifted....... :-)

    ps, buuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppp.. yep !, no anthrax in this one either, ah well, only 7 to go... I may find it yet.. I am on a MISSION FROM GOD !

    it may take YEARS !!! :-lol

    Phhhhhsssssssssssssssssst !

    Dammmmmmmmmmmn !!!!!! - foiled again - HIC - :-lol



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