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Thread: **My 1000th Post!!!**

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    Very nice shots m8! Keep up the awesme work!

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    [center][font color="red" size="2" face="comic sans MS"]Congrats on the 1000 there chap :D lovely shots aswell :)[/font color="red" size="2" face="comic sans MS"][font color="green"] (add me to MSN if you want)

    Aled, Wales, UK :-wave

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    With Regards.

    Ferry :-wave :-wave :-wave

    Best Regards

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    ummm... the gold watch?

    Brendan Ratchford
    Private Pilot
    Worcester KORH and Danbury KDXR Airports

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    Incredible shots! and congratulations for the first 1000 posts:D



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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-02-03 AT 09:16PM (EDT)[/font][p][font color="100" size="2" face="Tahoma"]Congratulations and nice set of shots to go with it. :D[/font]


    [|My shots at!] <-- 5 new photos added 6/15 ... :-jumpy

    [|My Photos at] <-- New Photos from KSAN and KSNA as of June 5.

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    Thanks for all the comments people! :D My time in this forum so far has been very enjoyable, and I'm sure it will be for many posts to come! ;-)

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