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  1. [Feb.20] Canadian Xpress February Fly-In - Devil's Triangle
    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean...
  2. Canadian Xpress February 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports IX

    This month, we depart Marseille Provence Airport (LFML) and travel to Courchevel is an airport serving Courchevel (LFML), a ski...
  3. Fly the Canadian North with the Canadian Xpress Air Inuit Tour

    Air Inuit started operations in 1978 using a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver and is collectively owned by the Inuit of Nunavik through...
  4. [Jan.23] Canadian Xpress January Fly-In - Everyone's Favorite
    We start the New Year off with a return to one of the most talked about and enjoyed fly-ins we have done thus far. The trip in to...
  5. Canadian Xpress January 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports VIII

    This month, we depart Chengdu Shuangli (ZUUU) and travel to the highest airport supported in the FS world, Qamdo-Bangda (ZUBD)...
  6. [Dec.19] Canadian Xpress December Fly-In - Snow & Ice
    Last month, we enjoyed some fun in the sun and sand. This month we are going to the extreme opposite and head to the land of ice and...
  7. Canadian Xpress December 2015 Challenge: Dangerous Airports VI & VII

    This month we hit 2 of the world’s most dangerous approaches in the warm Caribbean.

    Saba, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport has the...
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    Canadian Xpress Concorde Anniversary Tour

    Fly the Concorde Anniversary Tour with the Canadian Xpress

    Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde is a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger...
  9. [Nov.28] Canadian Xpress November Fly-In - Return to Saint Maarten
    This month, we re-fly an event from October of 2012 and return to Saint Maarten.

    Canadian Xpress would like to invite all pilots &...
  10. Canadian Xpress November 2015 Challenge: Dangerous Airports V

    Paro Airport has an elevation of 7,300 feet with surrounding peaks as high as 18,000 feet. It is considered one of the world's...
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    Bush Pilots Wanted!

    Canadian Xpress Bush League Sunday is our weekly informal bush flying event that takes place on the VATSIM network every Sunday night at...
  12. [Oct.31] Canadian Xpress October Fly-In - World Series Game 4
    It’s Game 4 of the MLB 2015 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. Games 1 and 2 where played in Kansas...
  13. Canadian Xpress October 2015 Challenge: Dangerous Airports IV

    This month, your mission is to depart from Stornoway (EGPO) and fly to Barra Airport (EGPR) which is a short-runway airport (or...
  14. [Sep.26] Canadian Xpress September Fly-In - Happy 19th MS Flight Simulator 95
    In the fall of 1996, Microsoft released Flight Simulator for Windows 95 (FS6), the first windows based version of Microsoft Flight...
  15. Canadian Xpress September 2015 Challenge: Dangerous Airports III

    This month, we move from high mountains to Fjords full of icebergs. Departing from St. John's (CYYT), your mission is to fly to...
  16. [Aug.29] Canadian Xpress August Fly-In - 6th Anniversary
    Back in early 2009 a close group friends and pilots found themselves without a virtual airline to call home. They could have just went...
  17. Canadian Xpress August 2015 Challenge: Dangerous Airports II

    This month, we pick up where we left off way back in June of 2014 with our Dangerous Airports Challenges. Our next few events...
  18. Canadian Xpress British Columbia Float Tour

    The Canadian Xpress British Columbia Float Tour is based on Harbour Air which is a scheduled service, tour and charter airline...
  19. [July 25] Canadian Xpress July Fly-In - Mighty Planes - B737-200
    Anyone who is a fan of all things that fly, has probably watched The Discovery's Channels series called Mighty Planes. The 5th episode...
  20. Canadian Xpress July 2015 Challenge: World Tour Leg XII

    Canadian Xpress is celebrating its 5th year of operations. Part of our celebrations is the launch of our Boeing C-17 Globemaster...
  21. [June 13] Canadian Xpress June Fly-In - FlightSimCon
    FlightSimCon is the annual flight simulator show and convention for all of us simmers. This year it’s being held at the New England Air...
  22. Canadian Xpress June 2015 Challenge: World Tour Leg XI

    Canadian Xpress is celebrating its 5th year of operations. Part of our celebrations is the launch of our Boeing C-17 Globemaster...
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    Project AI has been closed for quite some time,...

    Project AI has been closed for quite some time, but you can try this link to get the base models:

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    I use Track IR and I am able to do that. ...

    I use Track IR and I am able to do that.

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