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    I have sent him an e-mail and I will wait and see...

    I have sent him an e-mail and I will wait and see what happens.

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    Offsets 0x2060, 0x2160, 0x2260 & 0x2360 which are...

    Offsets 0x2060, 0x2160, 0x2260 & 0x2360 which are used for fuel flow in FS9, FSX & P3D are not return any raw data in X-Plane, so it would seem that not ALL offsets have been added.
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    XPUIPC - Get Fuel Flow

    FSUIPC has the following offsets that do not seem to be available in XPUIPC (C# code from my application):
    Offset<double> FSUIPCFuelFlow1 = new Offset<double>("FSUIPCFuelFlow1", 0x2060); //Fuel flow...
  4. [July.23] Canadian Xpress July Fly-In - Burj Khalifa
    Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Burj Khalifa is the tallest artificial structure in the world, standing at 2,722 feet, almost...
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    Canadian Xpress featured in PC Pilot

    Canadian Xpress is featured in the May/June issue of PC Pilot issue 103.

    Read their review of Canadian Xpress: the small Canadian VA...
  6. Canadian Xpress June 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports XIII

    This month, we are heading to the checkerboard at Kai Tak which closed in July 1998. With numerous skyscrapers and mountains...
  7. [June.11] Canadian Xpress June Fly-In - FlightSimCon
    FlightSimCon is the annual flight simulator show and convention for all of us simmers. The event is being held at the New England Air...
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    Canadian Xpress OrbX Freeware Tour

    Fly the Canadian Xpress Orbx Freeware Tour

    The OrbX Freeware Tour is our largest tour to date where you will visit some of...
  9. [May.21] Canadian Xpress May Fly-In - Alpine Escapade
    The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, stretching approximately 1,200...
  10. Canadian Xpress May 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports XII

    Madeira Airport (LPMA), formerly known as Santa Catarina Airport and informally known as Funchal Airport, is an international...
  11. [Apr.23] Canadian Xpress April Fly-In - European Commute
    London City Airport is the closest airport to Central London and has a single 4900’ long runway. Only multi-engine, fixed-wing aircraft...
  12. Canadian Xpress April 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports XI

    Copalis State Airport on the Pacific Coast of Washington State that is located at the mouth of the Copalis River is a unique...
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    Canadian Xpress Concorde Anniversary Tour

    Fly the Concorde Anniversary Tour with the Canadian Xpress

    Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde is a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger...
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    Disable your addon scenery and add them again one...

    Disable your addon scenery and add them again one by one until you find which scenery is causing the issue.

    Pain-staking, but probably the only way to find out which scenery is causing an issue.
  15. Try deleting your prepar3d.cfg file and then...

    Try deleting your prepar3d.cfg file and then start P3D. It will build a new file and hopefully resolve your issue.

  16. Looks like you may have a layering issue. Check...

    Looks like you may have a layering issue.
    Check the documentation to see what priority your scenery should be set at.

  17. [Mar.26] Canadian Xpress March Fly-In - Ski Weekend
    In 1938, an explorer from a wealthy American family from Philadelphia named Joseph Bondurant Ryan came to the region prospecting gold....
  18. Canadian Xpress March 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports X

    This month, we head to Central America where if you dig mountain scenery, then that might help you feel a little less queasy...
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    Fly on VATSIM using vPilot?

    The Canadian Xpress vPilot Model Set is an add-on plug-in for vPilot which allows all pilots flying on the VATSIM network (that are using the vPilot client) to see any Canadian Xpress aircraft in...
  20. Canadian Xpress British Columbia Float Tour

    The Canadian Xpress British Columbia Float Tour is based on Harbour Air which is a scheduled service, tour and charter airline...
  21. [Feb.20] Canadian Xpress February Fly-In - Devil's Triangle
    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean...
  22. Canadian Xpress February 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports IX

    This month, we depart Marseille Provence Airport (LFML) and travel to Courchevel is an airport serving Courchevel (LFML), a ski...
  23. Fly the Canadian North with the Canadian Xpress Air Inuit Tour

    Air Inuit started operations in 1978 using a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver and is collectively owned by the Inuit of Nunavik through...
  24. [Jan.23] Canadian Xpress January Fly-In - Everyone's Favorite
    We start the New Year off with a return to one of the most talked about and enjoyed fly-ins we have done thus far. The trip in to...
  25. Canadian Xpress January 2016 Challenge: Dangerous Airports VIII

    This month, we depart Chengdu Shuangli (ZUUU) and travel to the highest airport supported in the FS world, Qamdo-Bangda (ZUBD)...
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