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    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery
    FS2004 Scenery--Cyprus Airports And Landclass
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    Size: 31,879,109 Date: 07-18-2017 Downloads: 1,340

    FS2004 Scenery--Cyprus Airports And Landclass. Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean. Without the benefit of Ultimate Terrain, which does not exist for Cyprus, the land class provided by FS2004 stands out as hopelessly inadequate. This adds the extensive farmland and the larger towns and villages, plus the major roads. There are four completely new airfields included here, three in the north and one in the south. Ercan LCEN is in the north, to the east of Nicosia, and functions as the airport for all of the north. It was recently closed for two years while a new terminal was built and the runway updated and an apron extended etc., and during that time Gecitkale LCGK functioned (barely) as the airport for the north. Gecitkale is now hardly used at all, and certainly not by large aircraft as a new power transmission line has curtailed the take off space to the west. The third northern airfield is Ilker Karter LCIK, to the northwest of Nicosia, and this functions as the HQ base of the Turkish Army Corp in northern Cyprus. The last of the new airfields is Kingsfield LCRE, which is in the Sovereign Base area to the east of Larnaca and is now used for recreational purposes. Ercan is currently undergoing further expansion with a relocated runway and a new terminal building and apron, so this scenery is for the period of around 2010 to 2015. There are modifications for a payware Larnaca by Aerosoft (now only 12 euros) plus for freeware Paphos, Nicosia, and Akrotiri. Larnaca has been the major airport for Cyprus since the mid 1970's, with a huge tourist trade that peaks in the summer. Nicosia is freeware and modified to reflect its now total disuse. Paphos is at the far western end of the island and freeware and modified to allow ai aircraft to function properly. Akrotiri is freeware and includes a lot of library object input from MAIW. The parking is modified and further residential areas and munitions storage added. All AI is based upon recorded take offs and landings in April, with some further additions in later months. By Roger Wensley.


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