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    FS2002 - FS2002 Scenery
    FS2002 Scenery--Dutch Flats/Ryan Airport
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    Size: 581,675 Date: 03-15-2012 Downloads: 50

    FS2002 Dutch Flats/Ryan Airport semi-historical scenery. This airport was established by the founder of Ryan Aircraft, Claude Ryan. According to the AIAA report "Historic Aerospace Site: Dutch Flats Airport": "As business expanded, Ryan found a new location on a salt flat called Dutch Flats, adjacent to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. In the spring of 1923, he moved his operations there and paid a $15 per month rental fee. He managed to build a hangar and a small office building. The new location on the corner of Tide Street (later renamed Barnett Avenue) and Midway Drive (a dirt path at the time) provided a boom to business. He offered free plane parking to other pilots and increased his business by hiring a full-time mechanic. His sightseeing business also expanded, and he and his mechanic, Hawley Bowlus, experimented with increasing the size of airplanes to accommodate more passengers. He took on a partner, B. Franklin Mahoney, and on 3/1/25, they debuted the first year-round, regularly-scheduled passenger airline, the Los Angeles - San Diego Air Line. It continued for about a year and a half." By Christopher Tarana.

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