• Released - AirNav RadarBox 3D

    Released - AirNav RadarBox 3D

    AirNav Systems, the world's most trusted and accepted provider of ADS-B real-time global flight tracking solutions and the owner of the only existing global ADS-B flight tracking network is announcing the release of AirNav RadarBox 3D, the world's first tri-dimensional worldwide flight tracking software.

    Based on the world's most popular virtual radar software, AirNav RadarBox 2010, the new software offers users the possibility of tracking flights in real-time and display them on a 3D graphical interface powered by Google Earth and embedded in the application. Over 600 aircraft models / airline liveries are included making it as realistic as possible. Features include Pilot's View and 3D Approach Views.

    More Details and Screen Shots at:

    http://www.airnavsystems.com/radarbox and http://www.airnavsystems.com/forum/index.php?topic=4359.0

    From now on the RadarBox is available in two options:

    • AirNav RadarBox 3D - the brand new system with just released software
    • AirNav RadarBox Pro - the present RadarBox system with 2010 3.13 sofwtare (no 3D)
    • AirNav RadarBox Upgrade - for current users to upgrade to 3D

    Order now online on from any of our dealers.

    Start Tracking Flights in 3D - Cathay Pacific departing Heathrow to Hong Kong:

    3D Airspace Data included:

    Fully compatible with external d cloud coverage:

    This is an internet based application so all you need is an internet connection and Microsoft Flight Simulator installed. No hardware needed.

    Major features of the new system include:

    • Real-time 3D flight tracking;
    • 3D Approach, Airport and Flightdeck Views;
    • Flight ID, registration, altitude, speed, heading and vertical speed
    • Accurate Aircraft information from the Gatwick Aviation Society
    • Worldwide Navigational Aid information powered by Navigraph
    • Easy plug & play USB connection, no complex time consuming setup
    • ACARS Decoder interface
    • Real-Time photos of all tracked aircraft
    • Real-Time weather information
    • Generate and share reports automatically
    • Share screen shots with your friends
    • MyLog: log all and share with your friends all the aircraft you receive
    • Alert generation for specific aircraft or in-range flights
    • Radar player to review airspace recordings
    • Editable 400 thousand callsign database included
    • Airport inbound and outbound flights in different colors
    • Automatic detection of user location

    The new application includes AirNav Systems world beating ADS-B data reception and processing capability, processing more than 20 million aircraft messages per day and distributing the information via the worldwide AirNav Systems Network Engine. Currently with more than 250 worldwide permanent feeds, AirNav Systems ADS-B Network covers major airports like London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney.

    Extremely accurate and reliable, AirNav RadarBox has been the first and only ADS/B receiver is space. RadarBox documentation is available in 8 languages.

    AirNav Systems continues to develop this exciting and innovative tracking products and is renowned for the ability to produce bespoke solutions to exactly meet the needs of the professional and non-professional customers at a realistic and affordable price.

    The AirNav RadarBox is available for purchase from the FS Pilot Shop.

    The AirNav Systems Team

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