• How To... Configure CH Products Virtual Pilot Pro Yoke


    by Dave Kieffer

    The following is what I went through to make my CH Virtual Pro yoke perform a lot better than the defaults.

    1) Since I had purchased my yoke prior to version 2.0 of the CH software, I had to download the new CH driver for Win 95.

    • Go to CH Prod web site: http://www.chproducts.com
    • Click on the Tech Support button
    • Find new driver for Win95 and download. Filename is VPP95-14.exe
    • Download anything else that looks interesting!

    2) After downloading the driver, I placed it into my c:\chvpp dir before executing it. When you execute the downloaded EXE file, it is a self extracting archive that will put 10 files into the directory, including a SETUP.EXE.

    3) Run (click on) the SETUP.EXE file. It will install the new CH Pro driver in WIN95.

    NOTE: If your CH software os 2.0, you may already have this driver available in your WIN95 joystick configuration appelate.

    4) Go thru the process of configuring, calibrating, and testing your CH yoke in the WIN95 joystick configuration appelate.


    Choose the new driver 'CH Virtual Pilot Pro'
    Click the rudder button ifyou have 'em
    Be sure to use the RIGHT TOP HAT to set the POV HAT. The trick is to hold the hat switch in the desired position and press enter while holding it. Do this for all 4 positions on the RIGHT HAT.

    5) When done calibrating, do a test. The four outside buttons should show up on the test (buttons 1-4). The two inside buttons should not do anything during the test. The RIGHT HAT should work as expected during the test, the LEFT HAT should do nothing. If the inside buttons or the LEFT HAT show up in the test, you may have done something wrong. My yoke now works great (ALL buttons), but these buttons do not show up during test.

    6) NOW - you get to do some fancy stuff with one of the configuration files that make FSFW95 do its thing. Refer to the schematic below to orient yourself to the button numbering scheme as it is used in the configuration file. I have included the functions that I use and the codes required for each in this schematic. If you use the sample lines of code in this document exactly as printed, you will get the functions as shown below. Of course, you may experiment and set your own favorite functions.


        00        02        04              05       03        01
      brakes   flaps dn  look left      look right flaps up  gear u/d
      65796     65758      65680          65676     65759     65570
                 06                                      32
            look straight                            trim nose dn
               65674                                   65607
          08             09                      34               38
       pan left       pan right              rev thru ga     fwd thru ga
        65671           65672                   65801           65800
                 07                                      36
              pan down                              trim nose up
               65735                                    65615

    Make a backup copy of the FLTSIM95.CFG file in the FS95 subdirectory i.e. "copy fltsim95.cfg fltsim95.cfx" [enter]

    |Edit (use notepad) the FLTSIM95.CFG file in the FS95 subdirectory |
    |Look down thru the file until you come to this line:              |
    |Make sure LOCKED=1 in the next line                               |
    |Leave these lines alone!                                           |
    | Edit the following lines (adding as nesessary) to make them the  |
    | same as those below  (if you want the same functions as shown    |
    | above).  Otherwise substitute other EVENT codes as you desire    |
    | Save the FLTSIM95.CFG file and launch your FS95 program.  Be sure|
    | you have selected the joystick options in FS95 (Options,         |
    | Preferences, Controllers.  Turn joystick on.                     |


    Notes: I did not choose to use the repeat function on the trim because it made it change too quickly for me. On my setup, without the repeat, two quick clicks on the hat will cause one small change in the trim. If you want to try the repeat function, add the following lines:

    after the 'BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_32=65607' line, add
    after the 'BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_36=65607' line, add

    These are the only BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT Codes that I know of so far: If someone out there learns of more, I would appreciate knowing them as would many other simmers.

    The following are from the FSFW95 readme file that comes with FSFW95. This file also contains some excellent instructions for how to modify the configuration file - I suggest reading it.

    Action                                                  Value
    -----------------------------------------------         -----
    Extend or retract landing gear                          65570
    Autopilot master on/off                                 65580
    Apply brakes                                            65588
    Nose down trim                                          65607
    Nose up trim                                            65615
    Pan view left                                           65671
    Pan view right                                          65672
    Look forward                                            65674
    Look forward right                                      65675
    Look right                                              65676
    Look right rear                                         65677
    Look back                                               65678
    Look back left                                          65679
    Look left                                               65680
    Look left forward                                       65681
    Autopilot approach hold on/off                          65724
    Autopilot heading hold on/off                           65725
    Autopilot altitude hold on/off                          65726
    Autopilot wing leveler on/off                           65727
    Autopilot NAV 1 hold on/off                             65729
    Extend flaps in increments                              65758
    Retract flaps in increments                             65759
    Slew ahead or move elevator                             65762
    Slew sideways or move ailerons                          65763
    slew heading or move rudder                             65764
    Throttle                                                65765
    Slew hold or apply brakes                               65796
    Slew heading or move ailerons                           65797
    Cycle thru gauges (fwd)                                 65800
    Cycle thru gauges (rev)                                 65801
    Autopilot altitude hold and wing leveler on/off         65802

    The following are excerpted from a suggested FLTSIM95.CFG modification from: [email protected] or www.opovo.com.br/jmoura Joao Carlos Moura that I found on a simmer bulletin board - all credit for knowing of or figuring these out go to Joao. Although all of his instructions were not in English!

    Spoiler                                                 65589
    Propeller increase                                      65771
    Propeller decrease                                      65674
    Engine mixture increase                                 65680
    Engine mixture decrease                                 65676

    I used the following resources to figure the above out:

    • The FS6.0 readme file
    • The FS5.1 readme file
    • The technical support on CH Products web site
    • A sample CFG file I found on the web someplace (MicroWings, I think)
    • Ingenuity(little), Trial and Error(more) and loads of coffee.

    As with all of this stuff - use at your own risk. I dont think there are any typos in the above codes, but use carefully. The event code lines are literally extracted from my own CFG file and it works great! However, I accept no responsibilty for any consequences from your use of this information. Good flying and ENJOY!

    Dave Kieffer [email protected]">[email protected]

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