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    Nantucket Island

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    Nantucket Island From Just Flight

    Source: Just Flight

    Nantucket is an island south of Cape Cod and part of the State of Massachusetts in the United States of America. Approximately 30 nautical miles (50 kilometers) south of Cape Cod, it is among the most distant islands from the east coast of the United States, and it is shaped into a triangle by relentless Atlantic Ocean currents. Being heavily affected by the Atlantic Ocean, its climate is cooler in summer but not as cold in winter as mainland Massachusetts and is frequently cloudy and wet.

    Nantucket Location
    KACK FSX Globe KACK Top Down KACK Top Down

    Just Flight's Nantucket Scenery

    Just Flight's product description touts more than 100 square miles of photo terrain in full five-seasons, detailed waterfronts, local VFR landmarks and autogenerated houses and vegetation "as per their real-world counterparts." A one-meter terrain mesh is derived from high-detail LIDAR data. A combination of "light" and "radar," LIDAR measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser light instead of radio waves.

    The high-detail terrain mesh and photorealistic surface provide this scenery's foundation. Elevation differences on this island are so slight as to be barely noticeable from aloft. The highest point I found was 98 feet, and the airport is at 47 feet. The 85-foot bluffs rising above the north beaches are visible from low altitudes. The photoreal surfaces show the sandy soil typical of this island.

    Developed areas are well populated with custom-designed autogenerated houses and commercial buildings that truly reflect the Nantucket milieu in design and color. Specific landmarks are depicted accurately such as lighthouses, a radar dome, a sand-and-gravel facility and even the landfill. The harbor is well populated with accurately placed wharfs, marinas and moorings. Beaches and their surf are shown accurately. Much of this wind-swept island is marshlands and some cleared farmlands and pastures. These flora are accurately represented in Just Flight's scenery. Having visited the real Nantucket Island many times, I can personally attest that Just Flight's Nantucket Island looks like the real place.

    Just Flight's scenery covers the entire island. Information about the island says it comprises 300 square miles (790 square kilometers), so Just Flight sells itself short by claiming "more than 100" square miles.

    Just Flight FSX Default
    Nantucket Island From Just Flight KACK by FSX
    Nantucket Island From Just Flight KACK by FSX
    Nantucket Island From Just Flight KACK by FSX

    1. av8tor98's Avatar
      av8tor98 -
      Pretty good depiction of the ACK airport. I'm glad someone decided to make this scenery. I'm wondering if iBlue Yonder/JF plans MVY as well. It would be a great compliment to the area. Since I go to MVY and ACK at the minimum of twice a year, in particular on the FedEx C208, I can say that the FedEx ship center is not on the airport property (actually across the street from the airport boundary)...YET. Plans are in motion to put a facility on the airport property, and I am personally involved in the process I should go ahead and get this scenery just to see how accurate it really is.
    1. scottb613's Avatar
      scottb613 -
      Hi Folks,

      Bill Womack is legendary around here and he's still actively working on updates for this little jewel - latest seems to be a fleet of static aircraft and some animated people... I've flown in there myself via Beechcraft and it's a fine representation of KACK - all that is missing is Hellen behind the lunch counter...


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    1. av8tor98's Avatar
      av8tor98 -
      I do have to say, the food is fantastic at Crosswinds!
    1. scottb613's Avatar
      scottb613 -
      Inadvertent post...
    1. Daniel.T's Avatar
      Daniel.T -
      Very very nice scenery, as all Bill's creation. Very close to the real place.
      And Bill give a good and fast support for those having problems.
      Easy to install too. (No need of a xyzCentral genre to mess scenery priority!)
      Worth it and a good reason to buzz the East Coast
    1. silverheels2's Avatar
      silverheels2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Daniel.T View Post
      Very very nice scenery, as all Bill's creation. Very close to the real place.
      And Bill give a good and fast support for those having problems.
      Easy to install too. (No need of a xyzCentral genre to mess scenery priority!)
      Worth it and a good reason to buzz the East Coast
      I own it and it is a beautiful scenery. Only downside is the hit on VAS. If you are approaching with high VAS, better close FSX and reopen or you may hear the chime. YMMV
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