• Interview: Doug Linn - Misty Moorings

    Interview with Doug Linn

    Original Creator of Misty Moorings

    Conducted by Dominic Smith

    Doug, could I first ask you how you got involved in flight simulation?

    For me, getting into flight simulation was probably driven by the same factor as many people. I always dreamed to fly, my life requirements just didn't allow it, so the next best thing is a simulator. Result? Dream come true! Especially with the amazing quality of today's simulators. My first simulator was on a Radio Shack TS-80. We used a little tape recorder to "load" the program into the computer. We flew inside a 5 mile square of territory, and at the time, that was a thrill. Telling me then what I would be flying today, I would not have believed it.

    Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings

    How did the idea for Misty Moorings come about?

    A trip with my wife to Alaska brought about Misty Moorings...the original site for FS2004. Standing on the dock at Ketchikan and watching the busy Beavers coming and going hooked me. I was well into flight simulation by that time. Having been to such a magical place, we all dream to return there so the love of the simulator and the memory of the Misty Fjords came together to create Misty Moorings. Now, not only could I go back any time I liked, but I could also have fun sharing it with other people at MistyMoorings.com, which as we know, has now become Return to Misty Moorings.

    How did you end up working with Brad Allen?

    Misty Moorings was fading away as FS2004 was fading. The updated Microsoft simulator came along and as people moved to the new platform, Misty Moorings fell into disuse by the community. One night a fellow named Brad Allen called me out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in working with him to create a NEW Misty Moorings that would use the new platform. I converted to FSX, and Brad and I went to work on it together. So the "RETURN" was added ... resulting in "Return to Misty Moorings." Brad and I have continued to work together throughout RTMM's history and it has been a lasting partnership.

    Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings

    Could you tell us about the "From Here to There" philosophy at RTMM?

    Why do we fly (simulation)? It is simply the thrill of taking off, navigating and landing safely. Of course it is also thrilling to have a "location" to land at and one that is also pleasing to the eye. RTMM adds that eye candy. But the focus is not on the scenery location, the focus of RTMM is "getting there." (Here2There). First we find a stunning location, one that is fun to fly to, one that graphically takes your breath away and that is relatively easy to find in the Misty Fjords area! Then we build a little scenery location there. The simmers, in order to see it, are led through some of the most beautiful geographical mazes on earth. With our autopilot flight plans, you can turn on the autopilot and just look at the scenery going by (as you would on a flight-seeing tour). Or you can fly that maze by following the GPS track just as a real bush pilot does. Although we offer people hundreds of scenery locations, we focus on "getting there" ... hence Here2There.

    Do you have a favorite aircraft in which to explore the world of RTMM?

    I mostly fly the "Misty Beaver" and the "Misty Goose". The Beaver is Aerosoft and I think the Goose is freeware. Adding the Misty repaints adds yet another dimension to the experience.

    Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings

    Doug, in Brad's interview, he mentioned that you have created something called a Trip Ticket. Could you explain to the readers what this is?

    Yes, this is to sharpen our focus on the "here2there' aspect of the flight simulator experience. If you fly with a pilot/tour guide in Alaska, he will be "talking" to you during the trip. They are more than taxi drivers, they are guides and are very knowledgeable on the area. We try to duplicate that experience with our Trip Tickets (TripTics). We have created TripTics that allow you to follow along with the flight. On some of them, we add historical information on what you are seeing, and almost always point out geographical features. We are attempting to, like a flight/tour guide, give you information on the area and make it more than just a flight... it becomes an experience.

    You can see examples here:



    These are used by bringing them up, and putting them into a window beside your simulator window. Then you can fly and follow the TripTic for information on what you are seeing. It's yet one more way of getting people excited about the amazing scenery in the RTMM area.

    Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings     Misty Moorings

    You can learn more about the TripTics here:


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      Great interview! Thank you Doug for all the wonderful work you guys do over at Misty's Place!

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