• Review: Wings Over Flanders Fields Expansion To V2.0

    Wings Over Flanders Fields Expansion To V2.0

    Reviewed by Dominic Smith

    Just over a year and half ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing one of the most authentic WW1 flight simulations ever seen on the home computer - Wings Over Flanders Field, otherwise known as WOFF. Well, a year and half is a long time in the world of flight simulation and the enthusiastic and passionate team at Old Brown Dog Software (OBD) have not been idle. After their widely acclaimed first installment, they have now released Wings Over Flanders Field Expansion to v2.0.

    WOFF v2     WOFF v2     WOFF v2

    Before I talk more about what this v2 update brings, let me recap a bit and explain to readers what the original WOFF offered:

    Wings Over Flanders Field is a First World War aerial flight simulator created by the aforementioned team, Old Brown Dog Software (OBD) and is a development of Over Flanders Field (OFF). WOFF takes you back to the Great War of 1914 to 1918 and offers you the chance to partake in and relive the first ever aerial battles fought over Europe. Concentrating on a single and dynamically changing campaign system, WOFF provided a depth of realism previously unseen in WW1 simulation.

    The original WOFF featured:

    • 55 flyable aircraft included (NOT paid add-ons)
    • Highly detailed terrain textures (complete with seasons) representing the various landscapes found during WW1
    • Artificial intelligence which possessed and utilized actual WW1 flying manoeuvres
    • A dynamic campaign system, with historical weather (weather matches date, but can also be overridden
    • A comprehensive damage system, with damage (in some instances), gradually spreading throughout the aircraft

    WOFF v2     WOFF v2     WOFF v2

    As you can see, the original release of WOFF set a pretty high bar, so what could the team at OBD Software add that could possible make it better? Quite a bit it seems!


    First off is the addition of nine extra aircraft (seven being flyable), all with their associated squadrons (the aircraft liveries match that of their respective group). This means that, if you include the three other add-ons available, you get over 70 flyable aircraft!

    These additional aircraft are as follows:

    Gotha IV: A heavy bomber used by Germany during the First World War.

    Aviatik BI: The Aviatik B.I is a German two-seat reconnaissance biplane.

    Aviatik BII: Like the BI above, the BII was a reconnaissance aircraft built in Germany and Austria-Hungary during the First World War.

    WOFF v2     WOFF v2     WOFF v2

    Fokker EIV: The Fokker E.IV represented the final variant of the Eindecker fighter aircraft. With twin 80 HP engines melded together to produce a 160 HP beast and twin Spandau guns.

    Halberstadt DIII: The Halberstadt DIII was a biplane fighter aircraft used by Germany during the First World War.

    BE2C (Home Defence Version): The BE2C was a British two-seat biplane which was in service with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) from 1912 until the end of the First World War. The HD version is fitted with over wing Lewis!

    BE12 (Home Defence Version): The BE12 was a British single-seat aircraft of the First World War and was a single-seat variant of the BE2. This variant can also use Le Prieur rockets for attacking Zeppelins.

    Zeppelin R Type (AI only at time of writing): The Zeppelin Type R airship (introduced in 1916) was used by the Imperial German Navy and the German Army for bombing and naval patrol work.

    Zeppelin P Type (AI only at time of writing): The Zeppelin Type P was the first Zeppelin airship type to be produced in quantity after the outbreak of the First World War.

    WOFF v2     WOFF v2     WOFF v2

    Paint Schemes

    As with the aircraft found in the initial release of WOFF, the paint schemes for each of these additional aircraft have been meticulously and faithfully reproduced, with one exhibiting the exact paint scheme that its historical counterpart would have used. Knowing that the team at OBD have gone to these lengths, really cements a belief that you are indeed flying one of the premier aircraft sims of today!

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    1. Glassair's Avatar
      Glassair -
      Nice review. Thanks very much! Can you say something about the official addon packs (1-3). Maybe in a separate review?
    1. bucksnort's Avatar
      bucksnort -
      Thanks for the great review, and I agree, WOFF 2 is a master piece.

      WOFF 2 is just dripping with atmosphere. It has the best looking weather of any flight sim out there, including the most modern civilian sims like P3D and X-Plane. And the landscape detail is just mind blowing. I feel like I'm entering a model railroading sim when I fly down near ground level, its just beautiful.

      WOFF 2 is one of those games that is so good you'll like it even if you're not interested in the period or combat oriented flight sims. Its that good.
    1. widowmaker320's Avatar
      widowmaker320 -
      It's the Ultimate WW1 flight simulator...period!
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