• Aero Files Vagar Airport

    AeroFiles' Vagar Airport for FSX

    By Bill Stack (10 June 2009)

    Screen shots by AeroFiles

    AeroFiles' FSX scenery enhancement of Vagar Airport depicts the only airport on Faroe Islands, which is a self-governing territory of Denmark. This cluster of islands is just about equidistant from Iceland, Scotland, and Norway. The airport was built during World War II by British engineers. Its specific location was chosen to be hidden from German submarines. Nowadays it is served by Air Iceland and Atlantic Airways.

    Faroe Islands and Vagar Island
    Map From CIA World Fact Book (public domain)

    AeroFiles made this scenery because "it is the national airport of my country, and being the only airport, and a old World War II airport, I thought it to be a good idea to make it at the time. Also being a small airport, I could focus on even more detail compared to larger airports."

    The scenery covers the airport area exclusively. The taxiways and the runway have been edited to their correct sizes.

    AeroFiles describes itself as "a publisher of quality software addons available for Microsoft Flight Simulator." It says all its add-on sceneries and aircraft are made from photoreal images taken from the actual airplane or scenery. It is based on the Faroe Islands, which explains its developing this Vagar Airport scenery.

    AeroFiles Scenes and Objects
    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    Major Features

    This scenery package is conveniently available for instant downloading from the Flight Sim Pilot Shop.

    An installation program installs files in correct folders. The scenery must be engaged the scenery through the world/scenery menu.

    An uninstall program is included.

    An e-mail address for AeroFiles is available in two places: 1) on the Flight Sim Pilot Shop's web page about this product, and 2) in the AeroFiles "readme" files included with the package.

    A version for X-Plane is available.

    Comparison of AeroFiles and FSX Sceneries
    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    Nice Features

    Photorealistic buildings are impressive. All look much like those in real photos I found of Vagar Airport.

    An airport bus shuttles around the parking lot.

    A Danish flag flutters in the breeze.

    All objects such as fire trucks and baggage conveyers are detailed and realistic.

    Frame rates were in the teens and low 20s while objects were displayed and in the high 20s and low 30s while objects were not visible. Higher frame rates are available when no instrument panels are displayed.









    Comparison of AeroFiles and FSX Sceneries
    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    Comparison Screen Shots

    My comparison screen shots were made as follows: With AeroFiles' Vagar scenery activated, I slewed to an area and snapped a shot. Then I switched to the FSX default scenery while in the same position, altitude, and viewpoint, and I snapped another shot. I repeated this procedure for each pair of comparison shots. As a result, each pair is from exactly the same viewpoint even though they might not appear as such.


    Night lighting is unrealistic, with all objects showing the same bright colors at night as during day. AeroFiles said it would release an update to soon, with three more buildings and more realistic lights at night. This work is underway and will be done "in six weeks top."

    Two "readme" files with the same names but different contents are installed in different folders. In response to my question, AeroFiles said they were made at different times. This information would be more useful if it were all in one file and in an easily accessible folder.

    AeroFiles' Night Scenes
    Screen shots by Bill Stack


    This scenery improves the simulation experience for those who want to use this small and remote airport, which itself makes our simulation experiences more interesting. But the bright night appearance of buildings and other objects is a significant weakness that AeroFiles should correct as soon as possible.

    Bill Stack

    Learn More About AeroFiles' Vagar Airport (FS2004/FSX version)
    Learn More About AeroFiles' Vagar Airport (X-Plane version)

    Bill Stack is author of several books about flight simulation, a regular author in flight-sim magazines, and a contributor to Flight Sim Com. His website is www.topskills.com

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