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    Southampton Port X by FlightSem Software

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    Southampton Port is a major passenger and cargo port in the center of England's southern coastline. Protected by the offshore Isle of Wight, it is England's busiest cruise-liner port and second-busiest container-freight port. Its double tides enable ships to have port access 80 percent of the time.

    According to the Port of Southampton Master Plan 2009-2030, the port comprises three primary areas that each include various facilities. The Western Docks occupies approximately 585 acres and includes the Prince Charles Container Terminal. The Eastern Docks occupy approximately 170 acres and include the Mayflower Park and the Town Quay. The Strategic Land Reserve occupies approximately 800 acres and is held undeveloped for future port expansion.

    The port has a rich history dating back more than 2,000 years to the Roman occupation of Britain. For centuries, it was England's primary port for shipbuilding, for soldiers and sailors going to war, and for commercial sea travel to North America, including the Mayflower in 1620 and the ill-fated Titanic in 1912.

    Flying boats were made in Southampton from 1913, and a flying-boat service to the Channel Islands began in 1923. Flying boats ceased operating in Southampton in 1958. (Local Histories)

    Scenery Location
    FSX Globe

    FSX Globe

    Southampton Port X by FlightSem Software

    Top-Down View

    Southampton Port X by FlightSem Software

    Nearby Airports

    FlightSem's Port of Southampton X

    Port of Southampton X by FlightSem Software is an unusual scenery because it focuses on a transportation facility with no direct relation to aviation. The presumed objective is to provide realistic scenery for simulation pilots using airports in the Southampton area, which include Southampton International (EGHI) and Lee-on-Solent (EGHF).

    In the following sections, I describe the ports enhanced by FlightSem Software from west to east, which differs from the order in which FlightSem describes them on its product description. In the interest of space, I do not delve into the detail that FlightSem provides in its product description and accompanying manual, which occupies several pages. The land reserve that is officially part of Southampton Port is not included in FlightSem's scenery package because it is undeveloped land with no facilities to depict.

    Prince Charles Container Port

    Located at the port's far west end, the Prince Charles Container Port occupies more than 210 acres and is the port's largest single feature. It extends from the port's far western end to its middle area, which FlightSem calls the Western Docks. The scenery depicts generic and customized container ships, cranes, gantries, containers, and related land and sea vehicles. It also shows the Millbrook Water Purification Plant. The product description for this area says "moored small sailing craft, yachts and pleasure boats" but I did not see them.

    Southampton Port X by FlightSem Software Southampton Port X by FlightSem Software Southampton Port X by FlightSem Software

    1. cmdl1650's Avatar
      cmdl1650 -
      A very comprehensive review of a a scenery masterpiece but........
    1. Mazix33's Avatar
      Mazix33 -
      Good software but a little expensive you know something cheaper?
    1. omitchell's Avatar
      omitchell -
      But... As nice as it looks, that last photo is what puts me off considering it. The object placement falls right out of line with the ground map.
    1. Captain Vodka's Avatar
      Captain Vodka -
      How much. . ? will this price restrict its commercial activity. .Time will tell but I suspect its twice the price of where it should be in the market today?
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