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    Sydney Professional X V2.0

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    Sydney Australia by AUScene

    Source: AUScene

    Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (YSSY) is the major commercial airport serving Sydney and New South Wales in Australia. It is the base hub for Qantas Airlines and a secondary hub for Virgin Australia and Jetstar Airways. With its three long runways and three passenger terminals, it handles more than 35 million passengers and more than 325,000 aircraft movements yearly. Dating to the 1920s, it is among the world's older continuously operated airports. Because of its proximity to urban areas, stringent noise-abatement restrictions limit the airport's overnight use and the daytime use of certain runways and airspaces.

    Terminal 1, which is the entire passenger terminal in the airport's northwest corner, is used by international airlines. Terminals 2 and 3, which are in the airport's northeast corner, are used by domestic airlines. Passengers transitioning between international and domestic flights are shuttled between these terminals. An "executive" area east of Terminal 2 serves charter, cargo, and corporate aviation.

    Like most old airports, Sydney was not always as modern as it is today: "On 18 June 1950, a Douglas DC-3 of Ansett Airways taxiing for take-off from Sydney's now non-existent runway 22 for a night-time passenger flight to Brisbane, hit and partially derailed a coal train traveling on the railway line that crossed the runway [emphasis added]." -- Wikipedia.

    Moreover, its dignity has not always been respected: "On 23 March 2009, Terminal 3 was the scene of a brawl involving 10 people in the two rival bikie gangs, the Hells Angels and Comancheros. The brawl left one man dead and was witnessed by over 50 travelers, CCTV cameras and airport staff including airport security who could do little to intervene." -- Sydney Morning Herald

    Scenery Location
    FSX Globe Sydney Australia by AUScene Sydney Australia by AUScene

    AUScene's Sydney Professional X V2.0

    "V2.0 upgrade to Sydney Kingsford Smith International is finally here!" AUScene's product description says. "Our latest version has gone about updating Sydney Kingsford Smith International to display the exciting NEW Virgin Australia terminal along with redesigned aerobridges, completely new apron lights and light effects."

    Two sceneries are included: One is for FS2004. The FSX version is an upgrade to AUScene's original Sydney International Airport for FSX. It features the new Virgin Australia passenger terminal, redesigned aerobridges, a redone executive apron, and new light effects. "Our key goal for V2.0 was to provide a great overall visual upgrade to Sydney while being as frame rate friendly as possible," AUScene says.

    Users select the version to install during the installation process. I reviewed the upgraded FSX version. AUScene emphasizes that all its previous Sydney Airport for FSX customers are eligible for a free upgrade. Instructions are shown in the product description. The FS2004 version is not upgraded.

    AUScene's Sydney Airport scenery builds on the default FSX scenery. Most of the FSX scenery objects remain in place with additions and corrections by AUScene. By examining the FSX and AUScene sceneries side by side, I can see what AUScene has changed. Version 2 for FSX upgrades Version 1 for FSX. Features added in Version 2 are identified as "new" in the product description and described later in this review.

    1. bstikkel's Avatar
      bstikkel -
      Thanks for the review.
      I think I will wait for the upcoming FlyTampa version of Sydney. The WIP shots look very impressive to me.
    1. omitchell's Avatar
      omitchell -
      Quote Originally Posted by bstikkel View Post
      Thanks for the review.
      I think I will wait for the upcoming FlyTampa version of Sydney. The WIP shots look very impressive to me.
      Yeah I'll be waiting for FlyTampa too, AS' last Sydney really didn't go down well and left me not keen to look at this version. I'm happy to wait
    1. Leo112's Avatar
      Leo112 -
      The FS9 version of this airport is one step above the default version. Total rip off for FS9 users...
    1. jsbryner's Avatar
      jsbryner -
      Quote Originally Posted by Leo112 View Post
      The FS9 version of this airport is one step above the default version. Total rip off for FS9 users...
      Agreed that the FS2004 version is little better than the default (freeware), but I'd stop short of the word 'ripoff.' I worked with the author indicating that I purchased it for FS2004, and was indeed disappointed as I based my purchase on the screnshots, and he kindly offered me a refund.
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